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How To Relax Your Mind and Body From Stress and Anxiety

Relax and de-stress quickly and say goodbye to stress, anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion

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We all know what it feels like to have a loud and busy mind and feel stressed and anxious. We can begin to feel overwhelmed and exhausted in our bodies and in our minds.

In this blog, let's discover some important things to know that will assist you in relaxing and coming into a state of calm and peace when stress and anxiety arise. Discover some guided meditative practices that will help you move beyond the suffering and into a state of calm, peace, and contentment with life.

The Importance Of Feeling Safe In Order To Relax

Being in an environment that we feel safe in can support us in regulating our nervous system. Instead of being activated and in our stress and trauma response (sympathetic nervous system) we can come into a state of rest and digest (parasympathetic nervous system) and relieve the stress and anxiety that we were feeling in our bodies and minds.

We may feel safe around certain people or when we are at a particular place. We may feel a sense of safety when we use a certain tool or modality, such as meditation or breathwork. Feeling safe is so important to be able to relax the mind and body because if we feel threatened, it is natural to react and operate from a survival state and experience stress and anxiety.

We can then learn to respond to things instead of reacting when we are able to feel safe and relax a little when we are in stressful situations or feeling anxious. Therefore, I encourage you to think about what makes you feel safe and have those tools handy so you can self-soothe when stress and anxiety do arise

It Is Key To Be In The Present Moment (Not In The Past Or Future)

Stress and anxiety often occur when we are focused on the future. We may have our attention on something that hasn't even occurred yet and may never actually occur! They are just stories, thoughts, or beliefs that you have taken hold of which are not set in stone and most likely are utterly false. They are just projections of our fears or worries that we place into the future that is really causing the stress and anxiety when it is not necessary.

However, when we can focus our conscious awareness on the present moment, we realize that we can free ourselves from suffering. We realize that we feel so much better because we are in direct experience with life right now where there is no true threat or danger. We are present to the opportunities and possibilities in the moment and we feel a peace and acceptance with life.

Instead of going off past experiences and traumas from the past, we are open to new, inspiring, creative, and positive outcomes.

Best Guided Meditations and Sound Baths To Listen To For Anxiety and Stress Release

I have a range of tracks created to help soothe you when you feel stress and anxiety arise. Some are short and some are longer in duration. These can help you in the moment to move through the heaviness you feel and enable you to move forward in your day or to create space to listen to later on.

You can listen to the following tracks either on the Aura App or on the Insight Timer App as I am a teacher on both platforms, so it is up to you what one you prefer. I have a Free 30 Day Guest Pass to the Aura Health App you can claim here if you would like to try it out. I do have some guided meditations on my YouTube channel as well.

  • Quiet The Mind For Sleep in 15mins

  • 7 minute Soothing Sound Bath

  • Rain On Roof Sounds For Sleep or Calm

  • Calm Sound Bath To Ease Anxiety and Overwhelm

  • Root Chakra Guided Meditation For Grounding (outdoor)

  • Cleansing Shower Meditation

  • 1 Hour Yoga Nidra Singing Bowl Sound Bath For Relaxation or Sleep

  • Work Lunch Break Guided Meditation

  • Yoga Nidra 10 minute Morning Relaxation

  • Spiritual Self Compassion Meditation

  • Move Beyond Resistance Meditation

+ more

I want to highlight here, that it is also important to give yourself permission to feel your feelings and acknowledge the pain, thoughts, and emotions that are at the root cause of the stress and overwhelm especially if it is something that you experience on a regular basis.

I do not just want you to "cope" with these emotions or experiences, but instead, to understand what they are arising for and allow them to transform and alchemize so you experience your natural state of peace, love, and harmony more often, and the stress and anxiety only when it is required for your survival.

It's not about escaping or getting rid of stress and anxiety, but instead integrating the parts of you that are experiencing those things by bringing love and presence to them. Allowing them to be there and letting them be felt and transformed instead of suppressed, rejected, or denied.

Remember, you are not the thoughts that arise, you are the awareness that is witnessing or observing them. The more you can not identify with the thoughts that arise within your consciousness or from others, the more freedom, peace, and acceptance you will feel. The more you will come to know your true self and not be stuck in the slavery of thoughts.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to have a script to read, rather than listening to a guided mediation audio when you are feeling stressed and anxious you can check out my pre-written meditation scripts OR let me write a custom guided meditation script, especially for you based upon your unique needs, experience, and requirements.

Final Words

Know how powerful your thoughts can be and how a shift in perception and state of consciousness can completely change your experience. You may feel stuck in a whirlwind of thoughts and have created a strong negative momentum, but you always have the ability to come back to the inner stillness, to your true self that is always present and at peace.


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