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Deep Down We All Want To Be Loved & Accepted For Who We Truly Are

Can you unconditionally love yourself?

Can you love and accept yourself first before expecting others to fulfill that need for you? You are already loved by so many, but there may be parts of you that want to block it or push it away or want it to be demonstrated in a certain way, or want it from a particular person. But we all can offer love in different ways and forms, are we open to seeing that? I believe that love is who we are and it is all around us, always. We don't need to earn it or be deserving of it or must unconditionally love all of ourselves before we can receive it from another because it is already here and it can take lifetimes to master having unconditional love for ourselves and others. But moment by moment we can invite ourselves into compassion and acceptance of the unique, divine being that we are in this human experience. We come to the realization that we are the only ones who could ever withhold ourselves from receiving and accepting love in any moment. There are no fingers to point, no experience to blame, but an awakening, knowing, and accepting of our true self. And from this, you may very well see and experience more love in your life in a more conscious way.

Written by Hayley Zammit - Spiritual Writer & Meditation Guide


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