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Chakra Meditation Script PDF Download | Energetic Realignment Chakra Recalibration | Healing 7 Chakra Meditation Script

Guided Chakra Meditation For Healing and Activation

Chakra meditations are becoming increasingly popular as people come to know that they do not just exist within a physical body, but they have an energetic body that holds energy, light and information. Our chakras govern different psychological states of consciousness within us that affect our human experience. Our chakras may be operating at their highest expression and be open, activated and have energy flowing in and out. Other times they may be operating in a lower expression due to trauma, limiting beliefs and from suppressing our divine light.

Doing a chakra meditation can support the healing, clearing and alchemizing of our energy centers through the power of our consciousness and energy. We are powerful and you will come to know this as you do these spiritual and energetic practices!

What You Can Discover When Doing A Chakra Meditation For Yourself Or Others

When you are doing a chakra meditation there is so much information and insights you can receive. This may include:

  • Where stagnant energy may be within you

  • The different psychological states of consciousness that may be wanting to be expressed in a higher way or that are expressing themselves in their highest way

  • Where current activations or areas or clearing may be happening

  • Receive intuitive insights from your higher self, spirit guides or Source/God

  • Tap into past trauma, memories, lifetimes

  • Discover more of your own unique soul energy

  • Learn how to allow more life force energy through your channel

  • Tune into different spirit guides that may be supporting you with your energetic body

  • And so much more!

How Long Should A Chakra Meditation Be?

My Chakra Guided Meditation Script PDF - Energetic Realignment Chakra Recalibration is 1400 words which is about a 30 minute guided practice (focusing on the 7 main chakras) if listened to on an audio. My 7 Chakra Self Energy Healing Script is 2701 which is about 1 hour.

However, it is ultimately dependent upon how long you personally feel that you need to tend to each chakra. You want enough time to tune in for healing and activation on each one but if you are doing a chakra meditation on the 7 main chakras spending instead of focusing on one chakra individually spending 15 minutes on each one would make your chakra healing session quite long.

If you are just wanting a general tune up for your own energetic hygiene then I recommend 2-5 minutes on each one but of course tune into your own inner guidance and go with that. You will know when the healing feels complete on each chakra or if you require a bit more time and energy.

Should I Work On The 7 Main Chakras Or Just One?

That is totally up to you. Working on the 7 main chakras during one meditation or self energy healing session can make you feel clear, balanced and in harmony on all levels of your being within multiple different areas of consciousness such as feeling open and heart centered but also feeling like you belong and are supported for example.

But if you just want to focus on one chakra that you know needs some activation or healing then focusing on that one area can support bringing all your energy and focus into that one intention which can be powerful.

Ultimately, how much time and space you have to spend on your chakra healing and what is in your highest good in that moment to focus on is what you should consider first.

Final Words

Overall, the benefits that you can gain from a chakra meditation include healing, clearing, activating, balancing and alchemizing within your energy and certain areas within your consciousness. Doing a chakra meditation or self healing guided process on a regular basis can ensure you become clear and more in alignment with your true self.

If you are struggling to receive insight or trust that your chakra meditation is working, feel free to book in for a Chakra Analysis & Channeled Guidance Session so you can gain further insights on your chakra system at this time.


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