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Chakra Analysis Readings | Insight Into Your Chakras & Consciousness | Manifest A Higher Reality

A distance session to support you to bring your chakras into their highest alignment

The main intention & result of my offerings whether it be my guided meditations, channeled messages, energy work etc. is to support an awakening and expansion in consciousness.

I cannot "do" this for another person, any awakenings or healings that occur from my offerings are a result of the clients own self healing/integration (from their own higher self).

Recently spirit has encouraged me to offer chakra analysis readings. The most important thing about the chakras to me is that they govern different psychological states of consciousness & ultimately affect how we perceive and live life. Therefore, by providing insight on what's going on within someone's chakras the client then has a more conscious awareness of what's going on within these different aspects of their consciousness & how it is affecting their life. Through this awareness they can then make empowered decisions & actions from there to align with a higher dimensional reality & aspect of themselves that is wanting to be embodied and expressed.

If you would like to know more or book a session then visit my website. I am offering the first 5 sessions at a discounted rate. These are delivered via email as I am not taking on any 1:1 live virtual sessions at the moment.

Much Love 🤍


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