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Benefits Of A Sound Healing Session | Sound Baths | Singing Bowl Healing | Vibrational Healing

Discover how a sound healing session can impact you on all levels of your being - mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

A typical sound healing session looks like the client lying down on their back on a mat or table with their eyes closed. They may be covered in a blanket and wear an eye mask to keep them warm and comfortable. The sound healing practitioner then plays certain sound instruments.

Depending on the sound healer, some practitioners may place instruments on the client's body, some may play the instruments sitting down near the client or others may play them as walk around the client's body and use them in certain areas.

Popular sound healing instruments include quartz crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, koshi chimes, tingsha, tuning forks, drums, gongs, rattle, and more! A sound healer who speaks light language may also bring through a light language transmission vocally through their voice by singing, toning, or making certain sounds.

It all depends on the sound healer and the session, whether it is a private 1:1 session or a group sound bath. Sometimes guided meditation or other techniques, such as energy work, may be included depending on what is being offered.

Ultimately, all the client needs to do is lie there and receive the sounds and embrace the unique experience that comes up for them. A sound healing session may range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Let's explore how you can be affected during a sound healing session.

On a Mental Level

A sound healing session can slow down your brainwave state from Beta (alert/focussed) to Alpha and Theta (relaxed/meditative). The chatter in your mind starts to dissolve and you become present with the guided meditation and sacred sounds.

On an Emotional Level

This can vary from feeling calm, peaceful, loving, and blissful to someone experiencing suppressed emotions coming up to be released during this healing experience when they give themselves an opportunity to be present and be with themselves and what emotions want to be processed.

On a Physical Level

Sound has the ability to rearrange molecular structure within the body, therefore affecting you on a cellular level. The vibrations from the sounds move through the water in the body which can help stimulate circulation to allow muscle relaxation and improve lymphatic flow.

Scientific studies also show that sound has the capacity to create change in the autonomic, immune, endocrine, and neuropeptide systems. When we are in a deep state of relaxation we allow our bodies' inherent capacity for self-healing to occur.

On a Spiritual and Subtle Level

The sounds allow you to go into an altered state of consciousness, almost trance-like, it allows you to surrender and expand your consciousness and access inner guidance. Sound also has the ability to move energy through our chakras ( energetic centers that receive, assimilate and transmit energy) and bring them into balance.

Long Term Benefits Of Sound Healing Therapy

If we look at the long term benefits that can be gained they can include things like:

  • Reduced stress

  • Increased vibrational state

  • Feel more in alignment with your true self

  • Improved sleep

  • Lowers blood pressue

  • Pain management

  • Physical dis-ease or discomfort is reduced or eliminated

  • More balance and harmony on an energetic level

  • Become more calm and peaceful easier and quicker

  • Expand your consciousness

  • + more

Final Words

Overall, every sound healing session will be unique! The experience that someone has is what is best for them in that moment and the experience can differ every time. Embrace this healing opportunity and whatever it brings up for you!


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