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All About Light Language Transmissions, Light Code Activations & Multidimensional Healing

Breaking down quantum, multidimensional healing for you so you can understand what's going on in simple terms.

What Is Multidimensional Healing?

Multidimensional healing is a form of energetic, vibrational, and higher dimensional healing working in the quantum. Its healing focusing on our light body, energetic bodies, cells, DNA, and consciousness. It's looking at us humans not just on a physical level, but understanding that we are multidimensional beings.

Multidimensional healing does not focus on healing symptoms and bypassing or numbing the core issues, but rather going directly to the root cause (which may be beyond our understanding) by using the power of energy and consciousness. Allowing the density and imbalances on an energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual level to come up so healing can occur on the physical level.

Raising your frequency through introducing a powerful energetic transmission and making it impossible to be a frequency match to disharmony, disease, and illness (unless it is part of your soul's contract to go through that experience) is what multidimensional healing can offer. However, it is then our responsibility to live in alignment with that in our human experience.

What Is A Light Language Transmission?

A Light Language Transmission is a powerful multidimensional modality. An energetic transmission of light language from higher dimensions can activate and alchemize your light body, chakras, and energy bodies. Thus, supporting in raising your vibrational state, expanding your consciousness, accessing multidimensional abilities, and moving forward experiencing a higher timeline. After a transmission, these light codes are to then be integrated by you through the raising of your frequency and embodiment (using your conscious choice) to see the results of the transmission.

I currently offer distance multidimensional healings, which often include light codes coming through - you can book your own personalized distance energetic healing transmission here.

What Are Light Codes?

A light code is an energy that holds light and information. They are codes that intertwine and intercept the coding of the DNA. It triggers a response to get you to remember your Source self and you can go beyond previous limitations.

As a channel, I am a transmitter of light codes, of Source frequency. I bring light codes through via light language – vocal sounds and tones (also hand movements). These light codes come through me from the higher dimensions, going into my heart space and I translate them through my way of transmission. This light language emits the light codes straight into your light body and is so powerful as it does not have to be broken down into other formats e.g. you don’t need to understand it or feel anything to receive it – just be open to receiving the light language without trying to get the mind involved trying to understand!

Why Activate Our DNA?

Our DNA is pretty much the blueprint of our entire reality. We have our human carbon-based DNA but also a divine crystalline DNA that we are here to activate and operate from as we go along our journey of ascension. DNA can change and shift. You can communicate with it. So, know you do have the ability to change and activate your DNA, to determine whether genes and codes turn on or off.

In this current life, as a human, we have some active DNA and some dormant DNA. The reason we have dormant DNA within us is because of our decision as the human race coming into a third-dimensional reality. We wanted as a collective to experience and perceive life in a certain way. We wanted to experience duality, separation, and a limited perspective, but now is a time of great awakening, so our dormant DNA is now being activated.

When dormant DNA is activated, it's not only our consciousness that expands, but it also affects our physicality as our bodies become less carbon-based and more light, more crystalline. As our DNA is a mix of human and galactic, we activate more DNA we start to access abilities. These may have never been seen on Earth before, as these abilities are part of your multidimensionality!

So during a light language transmission or multidimensional healing, we can not only bring through NEW light codes from the higher dimensions, but the energetic transmission can also activate the dormant light codes and DNA that are within your soul's blueprint.

However, please note that these light codes and dormant DNA will ONLY be activated when you are vibrationally ready! Therefore, the light language transmission will come through from me/another person as the channel, but it is your higher self which facilitates the healing and activation – your higher self knows what is for your highest good to be activated at this current time and what frequency you need to be at in order to activate certain DNA and access certain abilities, dimensions, and information. So the transmission happens instantly on a quantum level, but things in your life will shift from that point on so that you can align with a higher version of you.

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