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The Ascension Journey Of A Human Being |Remembering, Activating & Embodying Our Higher Self on Earth

Our journey of ascension as we expand our consciousness and raise our vibrational state

What Does Ascension Mean In Spirituality?

We are all on this ascension journey, what this means is that we are continuing to grow and expand as souls, this is through learning lessons, healing and integrating parts of us whether it was from this lifetime or another lifetime, expanding our consciousness and activating our multidimensionality so we can truly tap into our potential.

We are ultimately becoming our higher selves embodied in human form - being the unique soul and the love that we are in this human experience. We are waking up to the remembrance of who we truly are and on a journey of bringing in more light and love to ourselves and others.

What Are The Higher Dimensions?

We are moving into the higher dimensions and bridging the gap between our humanity and our divinity. As a collective of humanity and as individual humans, we are ascending, rising up into higher dimensions. What do I mean by dimensions? Dimensions are different realities of existence, timelines and frequencies. Different dimensions have different states of consciousness and frequencies which have different attributes and ways of perceiving reality.

So, ultimately raising up into the higher dimensions means as we increase our vibrational frequency and expand our consciousness we will naturally start perceiving and living a new reality which will be more in alignment with our divine self and we will experience less density, less separation and go beyond the templates that govern the third-dimensional reality and anchor into a reality and timeline of more unconditional love, unity, compassion, harmony and more.

We Are Integrating Our Humanity and Divinity

As humans, it’s for us to merge our human aspect with our divine aspect and be embodied here on the Earth as our higher self, anchoring in these higher frequency energies, codes, and wisdom. As our souls expand, we are naturally shifting the frequency of our light bodies more and more and accessing higher states of consciousness.

So, for example, as a collective, as humanity we are currently existing in the third dimensional reality, so we see ourselves as separate, we see things as solid matter, we see a lot of duality and fear and experience emotions that we may label low vibrational. However, we are shifting out of that into the fourth and fifth dimensions. The fourth dimension is like a bridge, your consciousness is expanding and the old programming and templates are falling away and you are anchoring more higher knowledge and energies into your being.

Then there is the fifth dimension, which, as a collective, we will be moving into when we as individuals reside more in this frequency and state of consciousness. The fifth dimension is a higher state of consciousness and frequency. It’s where you will experience more unconditional love, peace, harmony and that of your true divine nature.

As individuals, we can fluctuate between the different dimensions on a daily basis, however we really want to anchor ourselves into this higher dimension rather than oscillate between them. This will enable us to manifest and experience timelines that are available to us. Remember, dimensions are not physical places, we aren’t going anywhere, it is a frequency and just think about how many vibrations and emotions you experience every day!

There are many humans already on the planet living primarily in fifth dimensional energy and state of being, but as a collective energy things are currently shifting to move us into the higher dimensions. A lot of things are coming up to the surface to be seen, both emotions coming up from within us and also situations are coming to light that have been hidden from humanity that are ready to be alchemized and transformed. It is like a purge of the darkness or of the density so we can choose to align with and anchor in the higher dimensions here on Earth.

You Chose To Be Here At This Time Of Great Awakening On The Planet

There is no mistake you are here on the planet at this time, you chose to be here to be a part of this great awakening and transition. So what does this have to do with me as a conscious creator and energetic being you may be wondering? This means that you are continuously anchoring more light, more higher frequencies and being upgraded on all levels of your being. Therefore, it’s important to listen to your body as you may be feeling that a lot of old traumas and emotions may be coming up for you at this time, you may need more rest, you may need to drink more water, you may need to nourish your body and allow time for integration and to go with the flow of these changes and upgrades.

Know there will be times in your life when you may be feeling low, you may be processing a lot and going through phases of expansion. Our life journey is not linear, we experience things in phases and cycles and it’s not going to feel high vibrational all of the time especially as we exist in the lower dimensions. All of this really comes down to us remembering, activating and embodying the already ascended master that we are at a soul level, through this process of alchemy and claiming our energetic mastery.

Why Am I Feeling Low Or Like I Am On An Emotional Rollercoaster?

I am going to provide you with some reasons why you may be experiencing low vibrational states or feeling off as you move forward in your life. You may feel that there are periods in your life where you feel like you are going backwards or you don’t understand why you are feeling like you do, as you are doing lots of inner work.

1. You are human!

As we go through experiences, not all will be easy. Some will shock us, trigger us, hurt us, and more. Therefore, a whole range of emotions can arise,we came to experience a large spectrum of these energies as a human. It is valid to feel grief when you go through a breakup or when a loved one passes away, for example.

2. The subconscious is bringing things up to your awareness to become conscious of them and heal them

This can be trauma, emotions, thoughts and experiences from childhood, other lifetimes and from your ancestral line. These will arise when you get triggered, and this means these energies and suppressed aspects of you are ready to be alchemized and integrated by you. We would not be able to cope if everything came up all at once, so allow the unfoldment of these new layers as they come up.

3. Your soul is calling you back to be in alignment with your soul’s essence

Your higher self is wanting you to embrace and embody the true authentic you, to remove the masks, the layers of programing and conditioning that you have taken on. Do not suppress who you are any longer. When we are living from a place that is inauthentic, we can feel resistance and tension within us, so recognize that and claim who you truly are.

4. You are very empathic and extra-sensitive

Come back to creating healthy boundaries, tuning into your own energy, tuning into your heart and higher vibrational energies and recognize if what you are feeling is yours and what isn’t.

5. You are going through upgrades or an expansion in consciousness

As we are on this ascension journey of growing, evolving and expanding as a soul, our physical body, light body and cellular structure is upgrading and dormant DNA is being activated. This can cause some discomfort or changes in energy levels as we purge and alchemize the old energy and welcome in more light and higher frequencies. Therefore, during these times of integration, it is important to honor yourself and your needs.

A transmission from the book Musings From The Heart: Revelations From The Human Experience by Hayley Zammit

Ascension - what it really is

If you are a human on the earth at this time, you are on this ascension journey, whether you are conscious of it or not. It is not to be forced or resisted but instead embraced through the natural unfolding of your life and listening to your calling.

Ascension is simply expanding our consciousness, raising our vibration, and anchoring in more light. Through this, we are activating and integrating other aspects of us, more of our light, and essentially revealing our higher self embodiment in the physical. Therefore, then exist in a higher dimension and frequency range as we go through our human experience.

We don’t leave our human experience (unless we have become enlightened and there is nothing more we have come here to experience e.g. Jesus, Buddha, etc.) but we will experience a new reality or you could call it a higher timeline, which will be resonant with the dimension we are in that is more attuned to love, harmony, flow, joy, and where less polarity is experienced. It is the most natural thing for a soul. It is through this journey of a soul’s evolution and spiritual development that we remember more of who we truly are as an expression of Source.

New intentions arise through our hearts to continue expanding our consciousness into new heights and being of divine service. Our process of ascension is happening as we live life going through our own unique experiences in human form where we learn, grow and experience different energies and embody the love that we truly are.

Even non-physical beings still continue to have an intention and purpose, such as helping people or groups that are existing in a lower dimensional reality, and they also learn from us being here on earth. It is through our direct experience in our human life that we can awaken and know ourselves as an emanation of God, who can co-create with Source and play a particular role here on earth through our conscious choice.

We also wanted to be a part of the collective consciousness of humanity where we had a shared intention of evolving as a race from going from an old paradigm and consciousness of fear, lack, and separation to creating a heaven on earth reality for ourselves and for all, where we reside in a consciousness and paradigm of oneness, unconditional love, and sovereign divinity knowing who we truly are.

You are already an ascended being who chose to come into a lower dimensional reality to be a part of this great awakening and transition, so embrace this ascension journey. What are you being called to forgive, heal, integrate, and love? What passions and skills are you being called to use or learn? What are you wanting to express, embody, and create? Let your heart guide your way and embrace the rollercoaster of this human experience! You were so excited to come here.

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