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4 Ways To Consciously Tune Into Your Heart | Live From A Heart Centered Place | Alchemy Of The Heart

Here are 4 tools to assist you in tuning into your heart - the place of so much wisdom and power!

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The heart is such a powerful place within each and everyone of us. It is how we can access the voice of our true self and how we can heal, alchemize, and transform. By tuning into our heart on a daily basis, we can become more heart-centered human beings and live life with more joy, flow, and grace.

4 Simple Ways To Tune Into Your Heart

Let's explore 4 tools to support you in this, however know there are also sooo many more ways too!

1. Visualize breathing through your heart chakra

Your heart chakra is an energetic vortex located in the center of your chest. You can visualize it as a round energetic portal where your breath can move through as you inhale and exhale. As you see the breath move through this area, feel it expand as you inhale and contract as you exhale.

2. Bring your conscious awareness to your heart space

Allow yourself to become focussed on your heart space. Notice how it feels to you. You may feel the natural energies of the heart, such as peace, compassion, and love. Alternatively, you may feel a numbness or a constriction, if that is the case, that's okay, bringing awareness to the heart, however it is feeling for you, is key.

You may feel the energies of the heart begin to grow as you remain present with your heart. You may feel any heaviness lift, and your heart may begin to soften and open.

3. Sit with your heart, ask and surrender

Sit with your heart. You can even place your hands over your heart space. Talk to your heart and ask " Heart, I'm here, I am dropping out of my mind and into you. What do you want me to know today?." Observe what arises as you sit, feel and listen to your heart. Surrender into what comes up from this place of being.

4. Do something you love

What do you love to do? Do that! It could be anything such as getting out in nature, cooking, dancing, doing art, playing a sport, hanging out with a friend, helping another person and more. Really, any activity where you are present and feeling joy!

When you give yourself permission to things that you love to do, this can effortlessly allow you to tune into your heart and become more heart-centered as you begin to integrate the mind with the heart.

We do not need certain tools or techniques to tune into our hearts, BUT if we are so used to being in our heads, they can really help us. Being heart-centered is our natural state of being, so tuning into our hearts in a more conscious way can support us in coming back into alignment with who we truly are when we may get swept up in the mind and in the busy-ness of life!

Bonus #5 - Listen to heart focussed guided meditations

I have MANY guided meditations on the Aura Health App that can enable you to tune in and access your own hearts wisdom as well as using the heart for alchemy and healing. You can get a FREE 30 Day Aura Health Guest Pass HERE

Ask Your Heart Journal: A 33 Day Heart Connection Journey

If you are keen to dive in a bit deeper and really make tuning into your heart a daily practice, the Ask Your Heart Journal is a great place to start.

The Ask Your Heart Journal: A 33 day heart connection journey will support you with your connection to your heart using journal prompts and guided exercises.

Do you want to cultivate a stronger conscious connection with your heart?

Do you want to heal any blocks built up around your heart?

Do you want to access your soul and source through your heart portal?

Do you want to use your heart as a compass in your life?

Do you want to access higher frequencies and states of consciousness?

Do you want to know how your hear wants to be expressed and embodied by you?

You complete one activity per day and it is encouraged to spend at least 15mins on each one. There are approx 3 pages per activity, so lots of space to write any insights and thoughts that arise.

There are three phases:

Phase 1: Connect & Heal

Phase 2: Receive & Remember

Phase 3: Embody & Express

This 33 day journey has three different phases to ensure you truly allow your heart to unfold with compassion and grace as you build up that connection and trust.

You can purchase the paperback or hardcover version on Amazon.

Final Words

Overall, our hearts are always there for us to tune into. It is only up to us to do this and make it a priority to do so! Making it a daily practice to tune in and connect with our hearts can completely change our life. It can shift our vibrational state and allow us to see ourselves, others and the world through loving and compassionate eyes.

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