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3 Ways To Stop Sabotaging Your Success And Happiness (How To Get Out Of Your Own Way)

Self Sabotage And What To Do About It To Move Towards Success And Happiness

Ever felt like you were responsible for sabotaging your own success and happiness? You knew that something was good for you, but you stopped it in its tracks and ruined the opportunity before you even gave yourself a chance?

There are ways to finally overcome self-sabotage and get out of your own way. Welcome in and accept all that you desire and deserve and know you are worthy of being happy and successful in life.

1. Let go of expectations

If you hold on tightly to certain expectations and outcomes and it doesn’t happen, you can be really tough on yourself. You beat yourself up over not achieving the result you wanted. But, maybe something even better wants to come into your life which is precisely why the situation didn’t turn out the way you thought it should?

Perhaps something that will bring you so much more happiness and success is coming along in another form or experience that is truly meant to unfold for you. If something doesn't quite work out the way you expected or wanted it to, can you be okay with it? Can you find the treasure and gift in the experience and open to receive what is in your highest good to arise in your life?

Let go and be open to receive something more, something different, and something beyond anything you can currently imagine right now.

2. Check-in with your beliefs and old habits

Over time you accumulate beliefs that may have served you in the past but no are no longer beneficial to keep believing and carrying around. They may be keeping you small or in a box when you are really wanting to grow and transform.

In order to go beyond the beliefs and programming that you have taken on from others or the past and be open to exploring new beliefs and behaviours, you must be willing to become consciously aware of what is operating within you perhaps at a conscious or subconscious level.

They key is to be as present as possible so you can witness them when they arise in your present moment awareness. Allow yourself to shift and drop old ways of thinking, being and doing and see from a new perspective and state of consciousness that will be supportive in your success and happiness.

It may take time and some emotions may come to the surface to be felt. But you can free yourself and choose a new foundation of beliefs and habits to operate from moving forward that are created from a place of self-love and self-worth.

3. Trust in yourself and in your heart’s calling

Your desires, passions, and calling within your heart are there for a reason. Trust in what you feel inspired to create, do or be. You are the one who needs to claim the vision that lies within that is asking to be cultivated and nurtured to grow into something more.

You are the one who needs to give yourself permission to follow your heart's calling and take the action required to make your dreams a reality. Other people may not believe in you or in your vision, and that's okay. You can believe and trust in yourself and choose to follow your intuition regardless.

Don't listen and trust the voice in your head that tells you it is a dumb idea, it won't work, and is full of judgment. Instead, let the heart speak, let the inspiration flow, and have the courage to create space and time to do the things that light you up inside.

It’s time to get out of your own way

Allow another part of you to take the reigns when you feel like you aren't worthy or good enough. You are deserving of a great life, and you have so much to offer the world in your unique way. Stop sabotaging your happiness and success and step forward believing in yourself and making your happiness a priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes self-sabotaging behavior?

There is a part of you that believes it is trying to keep you safe or protected from something that may occur if you move forward towards that which you are wanting. This is due to past trauma and experiences, or beliefs, so it is valid, but you need to let this part of you know that there is no danger or anything to worry about here. Moving toward happiness, authentic self-expression, taking a new path, earning more money, etc is good for you and it's okay to do so! It's you against yourself when it comes to self-sabotage, so aim to get all parts of you in alignment toward the same goal, intention, or action.

What is self-sabotaging behavior?

Behavior that interferes or prevents you from moving towards or accomplishing a desire or goal.

What are some examples of self-sabotage?

Procrastination, addictions, not asking for help, making excuses, controlling behavior, avoidance, starting a conflict, negative mindset, and more.

This blog written by Hayley Zammit is also featured on Collective World

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