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Your Unique Transmission | Come From The Heart | Fulfill Your Purpose | You Have Value & Wisdom

A message from my heart to yours - tune into your own inner guidance and innate gifts and passions

I believe every person has value and wisdom to share with the world. Yes, that includes you! And yes to all beings regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, past experiences, etc The unique transmission (energy/light/information) that you bring through is important and powerful, especially when it comes from the heart. Also, it is really the purest way of fulfilling your purpose - to embody the unique energetic signature of your soul as fully as you can in this physical human experience..and experience the love, joy, creativity, and more that comes from that! You can be inspired and impacted by others, but may they also reflect to you your own inner wisdom, skills, passions, and gifts that wish to be transmitted and embodied by you. Tap into your own heart and inner guidance first & foremost over putting another person/guru/teacher on a pedestal, regurgitating what they say, or adopting their beliefs without asking if it feels true for you. There is nobody else in the world like you and this is for you to claim and enjoy! Honor and appreciate others' creative expression and perspectives but use discernment and do not shut down your own, because you have valuable and valid things to share too.

Much Love,


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