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Wide Open | Spiritual Life Prose Poetry

Spiritual writing to support the human experience

Eyes wide open

Heart wide open

This is when life truly begins

No more does fear lead the way

But love lifts you and embraces you so life can be lived through you

I don’t know what you will do with your life

But I hope that you find moments of joy

Moments where you feel free

I hope that you feel blessed and that so much goodness finds you

Perhaps it will be a winding road

But maybe it will take you on a exciting journey where you meet many souls along the way

Maybe you will overcome hurdles and make your way home to the innate wisdom that lies within you

Sometimes life may seem confusing and maybe even unfair

But at the end of the day all you can do is put your best foot forward

Keep a steady pace and stay as balanced as you can

Life may throw the dice but you are the one that chooses to play

We may come to a crossroad

The choice is always ours

Which way will we go?

How will we handle it?

No right or wrong

Just opportunity and an unfolding of experiences to be had

What do we hope for in life?

We hold hope for the things that make our heart sing

We hold hope within our being when we know there is goodness on its way

Connecting to a greater part of ourselves is what we welcome

Innate communication between the human self and the divine self

On earth but always in heaven

In bodies but we have never left the light

Now I ask

What will you live for?

Who will you live for?

What will you do with this life?

Written by Hayley Zammit


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