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Coming Home by Hayley Zammit | Spiritual Prose

Spiritual prose for remembrance, awakening, strength and hope

I can let the light pour in now

In the stillness, in the presence

Content with life as it is as it lives through me

Simply allowing love to be felt

It blooms within my heart

And touches every cell 

Radiant I feel

In the simplicity, which are really moments of miracles

Seeing the divine emerge from the cracks

See, some people choose to harden

But the strength of a soul is seen when one is broken open and chooses to love in the face of fear

Sometimes I wonder why our humanity can feel so tender, so fragile

But then I remember that it's our Spirit that is the source of our true power

It fills us with love when we feel unlovable

It gives us energy when we feel too tired to go on

It gives us hope when we feel we have lost everything

It gives us courage when we need support to get through

You see, life happens in moments

And it is in these moments when we can connect to something greater, more loving

Our humanity can connect with it's creator

We need not understand

Just be and feel

And perhaps one day we will know when we come knocking on heaven's door 

That we are, and always have been home in the heart of God

Written by Hayley Zammit


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