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What The Full Moon Means Spiritually: Rituals & Things To Do

Discover what the spiritual meaning of the full moon is and how you can harness the energy of the next full moon to enhance your life!

Have you heard that there is a full moon coming up and want to learn about what it means? Curious about how it will affect you and what you should be doing during a full moon? There is a full moon occurring every month, so regardless if you have paid any attention to the moon in the past, you can start utilizing the energy of the full moon during the next one!

In spirituality, the full moon is a symbol and a time for healing and transformation. We are invited to harness the energy of the full moon to support us in bringing completion to old stories and ways of being that are no longer in alignment and accept deeper transformation and healing as we enter into the month ahead.

In this article, let's explore the importance and benefits of the full moon and what rituals or ceremonies we can do to enhance its power. Learn what symptoms may arise and what the 2023 full moon dates are.

Full Moon Spiritual Meaning And Importance

So we know the full moon is all about healing and transformation, and this is so important. It can be on all levels of our being - emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. It is up to create the space and time during the full moon to be open to what wants our love and presence, so it can then be transformed and integrated.

Also, sometimes what really wants healing may not be what we think, but something much deeper and lies beyond our conscious mind. It is important to be open to what arises and comes up to our awareness during the full moon and allow ourselves to feel and be with it.

The full moon can support us in ways that are hugely beneficial for us and it can help us know that we are not in this alone, but instead, a beautiful celestial being is on our side and transmitting powerful energy to us to help us in this process.

During A Full Moon We Can:

  • Feel and be with the emotions that are arising that want to be felt and processed

  • Recognize what limiting beliefs, old habits or programming are outdated and ready to be transformed

  • Open and receive spiritual energy from the moon and also our spirit guides

  • Finally, take time for ourselves and create space for us for our healing and transformation, whether that is 10 minutes or an hour. We can be present with ourselves and what wants our attention

  • + more!

Full Moon Symptoms

The energy of the full moon can affect us all differently. Some of us can be very sensitive to the astrological shifts and changes and some of us don't notice any difference in the phases, or we may not be conscious enough to actually consider how we are affected.

In my opinion, the more conscious we are on our spiritual path are mindful of our state of consciousness, and welcome in healing and transformation on a regular basis, the less likely we are to be hugely affected by the moon as we are being a conscious co-creator with life rather than letting energies around us influence us and how we live. But saying that, we are connected to everything...

As the full moon supports us in healing and transformation, some symptoms people may experience include:

  • Changes in sleep patterns, e.g. less sleep or harder to fall asleep

  • Feeling more emotional as you allow emotional processing to occur if needed

  • May have more thoughts or memories arising

  • You may feel an increase in energy OR feel more tired as integration occurs

We are all unique and in different stages of our healing and transformation journey, so not all of us will experience the same things. We also have different astrological charts which can determine when and how certain planetary alignments affect us. Trust what you are experiencing is perfect for you and exactly what you need!

My Top 2 Full Moon Rituals

There are so many ways to honor the full moon, but here I will share my top two favorites!

  1. Utilize The Fire Element

You can light a candle, smudge stick, or fireplace to symbolize this alchemical process of transformation. Use it as a physical representation of what is going on within you.

You may visualize that which you want to be transformed, inside the fire. Watch and feel as it is transformed through the fire and through the full moon's energy. You may want to write down on a piece of paper what it is you want to heal and transform and watch it burn. Or simply, just gaze at the flame of a candle or allow the smoke from the incense or smudge stick to shift and transform the energy in the room and what wants to heal and transform within you.

You are also harnessing the power of the fire element to give you the strength, courage, and empowerment to go within and illuminate the shadows that are ready to come to the light. Remembering the powerful flame within your heart and your ability to alchemize anything!

2. Do A Full Moon Guided Meditation

Doing a meditation during the time of a full moon can be very healing and transformational. Whether you listen to a guided meditation or simply sit in meditation (in silence or with music), you create the space to go within and allow whatever wants to come to your awareness to be known by you and what wants to be felt, to be felt and processed so you can move on.

On 7th/8th of December 2022, I held a live 30 minute Full Moon Ceremony: Meditation & Sound Bath. I had 52 souls join me live on the Insight Timer App! I recorded it on my phone, so if you would like to listen and use it as your full moon ritual, then go for it! It is a general full moon ceremony so you can listen to it during any month. It is not specific for a certain astrological alignment.

Like the video if you enjoyed it and subscribe to my channel to receive more content.

Want To Support Your Community During The Full Moon?

I have a Pre-Written Meditation Script For Business/Personal Use For You!

I have written a full moon guided meditation script that you are welcome to purchase for only $8 NZD / approx $5 USD if you want to use it for personal or business use. You may want to hold a full moon ceremony for your community or create an audio meditation, or more! By purchasing the non-exclusive script, you have rights to use it to create something new! (you cannot sell the script as is).

Full Moon 2023 Dates:

To keep track of the full moon dates in 2023, I have put the list here so you can know in advance and plan to create space for your own personal ritual!

Full Moon January 6th, 2023

Full Moon February 5th, 2023

Full Moon March 7th, 2023

Full Moon April 6th, 2023

Full Moon May 5th, 2023

Full Moon June 3rd, 2023

Full Moon July 3rd, 2023

Full Moon August 1st, 2023

Full Moon August 30th, 2023

Full Moon September 29th, 2023

Full Moon October 28th, 2023

Full Moon November 27th, 2023

Full Moon December 26th, 2023

Final Words

Overall, the time during a full moon can assist us in healing and transformation if we make it our intent to be so. We are the ones who can consciously connect with the energy of the full moon and harness it in order to support transformation for our highest good. You may do this every month, or just a few times throughout the year. How you co-create with the full moon is in your hands!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the moon during a full moon?

During a full moon, the earth is located directly between the sun and the moon. So, from Earth, the moon appears to be fully illuminated as the sun lights it up, hence the name "full" moon.

Can you do a full moon ritual the next day?

Yes! If you miss the day of the full moon, it's okay. The energies are still very much present a couple of days before and after the full moon.

full moon spirituality rituals meaning

Written by Hayley Zammit - Spiritual Writer & Meditation Guide


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