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The Power Of Your Intuitive Bodies | The Great White Brotherhood Channeled Message

A channeled transmission from The Great White Brotherhood through spiritual channel Hayley Zammit.

Below is a channeled message from The Great White Brotherhood, who are a group of Ascended Masters. As always, when reading any channeled material, I invite you to not only read the message, but to tune into the energy of it and receive with an open heart and mind.

Do you know how powerful you are? Every single cell within you is a power board to command your light and spiritual intelligence. Your pure intent is the control for this and your heart is the way into the room.
We are all here with you today and always to help guide you with your spiritual evolution. This is important to us because we too, wish to support you to fulfill your soul's destiny that you chose.
We have the greatest respect for your human journey which does not always find listening to your inner guidance easy, but is happening and available to all. Seek not to be perfect, but to be present and allow the unfolding of your divinity in each moment. As you see it clear as day and truly know it, you will look into the face of fear and be love, be the pillar of Christ Consciousness among all dimensional states that exist.
Your bodies are so much more than bodies to get you around. They are deeply intuitive and intelligent vessels that imitate God itself. You indeed represent a creator being and it is time to treat yourself and others on all levels with the utmost respect, love, and compassion.

The Great White Brotherhood channeled by Hayley Zammit


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