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You Are Holy Beings | The Great White Brotherhood Channeled Message | Ascended Masters Channeling

A channeled transmission from The Great White Brotherhood through spiritual channel Hayley Zammit.

Below is a channeled message from The Great White Brotherhood, who are a group of Ascended Masters. As always, when reading any channeled material, I invite you to not only read the message, but to tune into the energy of it and receive with an open heart and mind.

Holy beings are what you are, but you do not see it for yourselves. You subconsciously deny your divinity and your greatness and succumb to lower beliefs and perceptions about yourselves, but now you are waking up to the remembrance of who you are and this should be joyfully celebrated.
It is no easy task to live in fear and darkness and forget who you are as an innate being of love. We, The Great White Brotherhood and all of your family of light, praise you for the reconciliation of your awareness of your true nature. Overcoming the fallacies that shrouded your mind and enjoyment of your human experience is a first step in your journey towards reclaiming all that you had lost through giving your power away and seeking to fulfill the dissonance you felt between you and your connection and relationship to the divinity within you and within all.
Seek not to prosper alone, but for all to rise and be merry in the remembrance and embodiment of their divine sovereignty. Your experiences may change and evolve there on the Earth plane, but the essence of who you are will not. But, there indeed will be an expansion and transformation in the eternal stream of consciousness that you are of God/Source.
Take a deep breath now and breathe into your stomach. Feeling an activation of your solar plexus as you awaken more to your light and your mission here. Indeed, these times are calling you forward into the precipice of new times on earth and we are ready and waiting for you to call upon us at any time if you need assistance.
No matter what you go through, be empowered in your actions, words, and energy. Know who you are with unwavering faith and strength beyond what the current collective experience may show.

- The Great White Brotherhood channeled by Hayley Zammit

You Are Holy Beings | The Great White Brotherhood Channeled Message | Ascended Masters Channeling


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