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The Heart, Connections & Judgement Channeled Message

An empowering higher dimensional message for humanity

Below is a channeled message for the collective

Deep within you there is a well of wisdom. This is the time to dig down deep and access that for the evolution of your soul and of humanity at large. Your heart is the key and access point to this place. Guiding yourself back to the heart is a continuous practice as you fluctuate between many vibrational states. An open heart will lead you closer to the truth of who you are and why you have come, thus allowing more fulfillment to come to fruition to your life and impact those around you on a deep soul level that goes beyond linear understanding.
The emerging you that wishes to be set free is safe now. It is safe to be seen, heard and be vulnerable in it's authenticity and uniqueness. For when you accept the perfection that is you, you can see the value and gift innate within all beings as they are. Others do not have to change for you, others are not held to unnecessary standards and others need not feel obliged to be anything different. For when you unconditionally love and accept a healing takes place, compassion is ignited and connection is deepend between souls regardless of differences.
Oneness then becomes a reality for you and for all and judgements of the self can cease to be which is currently a plague within the human collective consciousness at this time on earth. For judgement can breed hate, shame and separation and ultimately stems from the unworthiness and unholiness you believe you are at your essence, but indeed this is false and not inherent qualities of who you truly are as a being of Love, as an aspect of Source/God that is woven into the fabric of all life.
Acceptance and a shift into unconditional love of these judgements will offer you the freedom that you seek and the liberation that is here. This thread of judgement that runs through the ancestral lines and into your psyche is being brought up to humanities conscious awareness and it takes an awakened heart and mind to integrate it with love and presence.
The young ones entering the planet at this time have come in without this distortion therefore it is up to the adults to nip this in the bud as you would say to allow the children of the new earth to stay strong in their knowing of their innate divinity, worthiness and connection to Source and Love.

Channeled by Hayley Zammit


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