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Crystalline Diamond Light Code Light Body Activation | Elohim & The Great White Brotherhood

Hayley Zammit - Spiritual Channeler

On the 20th/21st December 2022, I held a LIVE 30min Source Transmissions Class. Thank you to the 28 souls who joined me live! In this particular class, the Elohim (angelic beings) and The Great White Brotherhood (ascended masters) wanted to share a channeled message and then bring through a crystalline diamond light code transmission to activate and upgrade your light body.

Watch the live class, including the channeled message and light body activation on my YouTube channel!

Don't want to watch the video or receive the energy work? No worries! You can read the channeled message below

"Upon your planet, there are pivotal changes taking place, within the earth’s crust, within the atmosphere, and within the heartbeat of Gaia. More activations are coming through to support humanity and all beings at this time. You very well may uncover emotions, memories, dreams, and insights that offer an opportunity for soul wisdom to be known by you through the allowance of these to arise.
Everything that is occurring on your planet at this time is to assist you on your ascension pathway to becoming that which you intended to flourish and expand into, pre-birth. Honor the cycles and phases that are arising in your life right now. Know at a deeper level they are assisting you in ways that you cannot comprehend nor should you try to. If something is meant to be known by you it will come up to your conscious awareness to be acknowledged, celebrated, or put to rest.
Humanity is at a juncture where so much acceleration is occurring, that many of you are feeling the effects of it and are being pulled into the flow of a new state of being and a new way of living that spans beyond what you have done before. You no longer are stuck in place by fear, but have this flame of empowerment rising up within you, beckoning you forward. You may not know where the path ahead leads but you find you do have the courage, determination, and willingness to take a step forward and not be held back any longer.
Consequences of the past are not being supported. Freedom, joy, and liberation are yours to take hold of if you choose to follow the flow of your heart and of a higher dimensional reality. Bear witness to the love, beauty, and possibility that lay before you and that has been there all along. Take hold of the stream of inspiration and creativity that is coming your way and behold the unfolding that occurs in the times to come. What you make of this time as you transition into 2023 is up to you, and it has everything to do with your willingness to pave a new way for yourself and for those that surround you.
Let us be frank, you are here to be a leader, of first yourself and then others, and to shine your authenticity and divine light into the world. More joy, flow, and grace will be experienced by you as you allow higher aspects of you to integrate within your consciousness and take the invitation to uphold your highest intentions to fulfill your purpose here, where the keys to unlock it lay within your moment to moment experience as you open, receive and listen to your own inner knowing.
Uncovering more of who you are and what life is really about, is what will allow you to show up brighter, stronger, and more loving than ever before, and we look forward to watching you step forward in these new and improved roles as you embrace your wholeness and your ability to bring forth higher frequencies and structures into the world. Blessed are those who choose to be the light bearers for those who are afraid or unaware of the power that lies within them. May you be the ones who show the way into a path of unity, and harmony and into the sacredness of who you are and of this human life. We are the Elohim and the great white brotherhood and we thank you for your service."

Want to join me for another LIVE Source Transmission Class or another event?

Here is a link to my Insight Timer profile where if I have events scheduled you will be able to see and join! You will only see my screen and you can write in the chat. You will not be on video. You can also listen to my meditations and join my courses on the platform, if you wish.

crystalline light body activation


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