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Remember The Truth & Your Spirit Guides Channeled Message

A remembrance of the powerful divine creator that you are...

Dear one, privileged you are to be there on earth for you have wanted this lifetime for millennia. Each and every one of you brave souls has chosen to forget, in order to remember. You have chosen density over light. You have chosen free will over divine will. You have chosen many things which demonstrate the powerful creators that you are. Victims you are not, for you always have and always will be divine at your core. You can never be limited except for your choice to perceive that way. The truth of your being lives on long after the desecration of the body. It simultaneously exists beyond time and space and expands within the eternal source of life. There are many ways to approach your spiritual evolution and your willingness to abide in your heart center is key no matter what path you take as you expand your consciousness and reach new evolutionary heights in your journey of ascension. We come to guide you from beyond the perceived veil that you have placed upon yourself. We have come as helpers, friends and family from multiple dimensions and star systems. We are waiting for your call eagerly and joyfully so we may once more unite in assisting you in your lifetime to remember and become the awakend soul who is ushering forward a new paradigm for yourself and for all who wish to have a new earth upon you created by the Christ consciousness that resides within you.

~ Channeled by Hayley Zammit


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