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Collective Channeled Message | The Light Keepers Are Needed Now | The Pleiadian Council Of Nine

Here is a recent channeled message from the Pleiadian Council of 9 (October 2023). I hope this helps you move through what is arising within you and within the collective consciousness of humanity.

There are many of you who are caught up in the whirlwind of the heavy collective energy at this time. Let us remind you that you are here to be a part of the collective consciousness of humanity, but most importantly to be and hold the light and the love that you are amidst any adversities you all may face there on earth.
When you tune into who you truly are and listen to the guidance that is there, you will know the most empowering energy to transmit or action to take.
Do not confuse your own calling with that of another as you all have unique parts to play. Knowing in your sovereign divinity and being of highest service to yourself and then to all is what you came here to do. You each have unique passions, values and skills that are to be honored and nurtured and it is a privilege to be alongside you all as you navigate your way through this shift in planetary consciousness.
We urge you to remember that there is light here. To the best of your ability keep your hearts open, have compassion but do not wallow in empathy, and know the goodness of humanity.
There is power in love and there is power in higher consciousness so do not resist it any longer. Claim all that you are. Stand up in Love not fear. Know the support that is at your back.
The light keepers are needed now, this is your time. Forgotten are the ways of unity and harmony but these times will come again and co-creation with your family of light will be more prevalent as ever in these coming times.
- The Pleiadian Council of 9 channeled by Hayley Zammit


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