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Motherhood Initiation Ceremony Meditation | Self Mothers Blessing | Transition From Maiden To Mother

You deserve a sacred ceremony to honor you as well as your baby

When I was pregnant I never had a baby shower to celebrate my pregnancy. I did feel called to celebrate it, but in a more personal and sacred way. I did not want a party that was not all about the baby, but instead an intimate acknowledgement about my own transition from maiden to mother.

I wanted to create space to honor this significant transitional period in my life and within my being. I wanted to drop into the realization that this was indeed happening, that there was a living being inside me that chose me to be her mom and that she was going to be birthed onto the planet soon for me to care, nurture and love her.

I personally love creating a sacred space when I meditate or want time to just sit and be with myself and my heart. The divine feminine in me loves beauty, nature and high vibes. So that means surrounding myself with some beautiful items, having some fragrant incense going, listening to some soothing music and calling in safe, supportive and loving energetics from Source/God, Spirit and my own higher self.

I was ready to be initiated into motherhood. I was ready to accept and embrace this co-creation. I was ready for soul growth and expansion. I was ready to connect in physical with more of my soul family. I was ready to integrate and embody the mother that I came into this lifetime to be. I was ready to utilize the gifts and wisdom from my 20s and let it help me in this next chapter.

A ceremony with myself for myself just felt right. It felt important to give myself some love, compassion and reassurance as I moved forward on the path. Throughout pregnancy there was a lot of different emotions and thoughts as stepping into the unknown often brings. Regardless of it all, I knew this was all in divine timing and a perfect unfoldment. (FYI - I had spirit baby communication 2 years prior reminding me of our soul contract together, but we don't need to go into that haha).

This is why I wrote the Motherhood Initiation Ceremony Meditation Script. There was nothing on YouTube or on meditation apps that had what I was looking for. How could a mom-to-be have her own mothers blessing or ceremony to honor herself and this transition?

For those of you that don't want a baby shower or mothers blessing surrounded by friends or family (or who don't have support around you) this Motherhood Initiation Meditation Script can be used to read through yourself or even record using your own voice so you can listen to it.

Don't forget to acknowledge the huge transformation you are about to go through, Mama.


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