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Life Message & Quote - It's All An Invitation.. | Hayley Zammit Spiritual Writer

Every moment is an opportunity to accept the invitation to be who we truly are regardless of what is arising in life...

Just some thoughts from the heart...

Life asks us to soften when all we want to do is harden. When we want to control situations we are invited to relax and surrender. When we want to heal someone we are invited to honor and allow their own healing journey. When we want to rush to get things done we are invited to slow down into inspiration and flow. When we judge we are invited to have more self love and acceptance. When we feel lost and confused we are invited to listen to the voice within. When we feel tired and uninspired we are invited to align with our passions and joy. It may seem as though life is full of contradictions, but maybe it's all an invitation. Perhaps it's the lens by which we perceive any moment which conjures up either resistance or expansion into a greater capacity to be unconditional love - Hayley Zammit


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