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Nobody Can Teach You How To Be You | Hayley Zammit Spiritual Teaching Transmission

An excerpt from the book Musings From The Heart: Spiritual Revelations From The Human Experience

There are so many aspects to you that all represent the unique frequency and essence of your soul. There may be phases when you are embracing more of your fire, earth, water, air, or ether. There may be phases when your outer world is more embraced than your inner world. A continuous flow between self-exploration and embodiment, never fixed but always transforming. It all arises in perfect divine timing and is to be embraced. No one can teach you about the calling that you hold within your heart, it is for you to discover along your journey in this lifetime and beyond. There are people in your life such as friends, family, and therapists, that can support you in their own unique ways such as holding space, being present with you, seeing your true nature, and offering tools and transmissions that will assist you in embracing your authenticity and inner guidance. However, you are the one who will express and embody more facets of you, if you allow it, as they want to be embraced more throughout your lifetime. Tune in and see what wants to express itself, what may want to be cultivated more, what is wanting your love and integration, and more. Honor your multifaceted being and allow more of yourself to be revealed to you along your journey of integration.

Published in 2023, this powerful top spiritual book from a female spiritual writer is a must-read for all spiritual seekers and spiritual awakening humans at this time

Hayley Zammit's most recent spiritual book Musings From The Heart: Spiritual Revelations From The Human Experience is out now and available on Amazon in paperback, hardcover and kindle.

In Musings From The Heart, Hayley shares a collection of her own personal transmissions and spiritual wisdom as she integrates her own life experiences and receives insights from what you could call her own higher self consciousness. They are musings from the heart that have a deep spiritual essence to them that we can weave into our human experience to invite us into seeing things in a new light.

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