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Drawn to the light - a reflection of our true self

I like looking at light and being in light. I think we are all drawn to the light at some level as it is a reflection of what we are. We innately want to attune to it like a moth to a flame. Sunlight, candlelight, light from a fire, light from beautiful lamps and chandeliers. Light is all around us. The physical manifestation of light can remind us of the light that resides within all beings regardless of any shadows that may have been cast. Light helps us to see in the darkness, in a practical way in our human experience to see our physical space but also to see the truth of reality and who we truly are. We can activate light physically through flipping on a light switch and we can activate light within us through vibration and consciousness. Light supports us in awareness, clarity, knowing, truth, love, warmth and alchemy. We utilize light so often in our practical daily lives and we are invited to also co-create with light on a spiritual level too. We can amplify our own inner light and bring more light to the earth. Without darkness we would not know light, so what a gift it is to discover and explore light in our human experience. I guess that's where the term light worker or light keeper comes from. Those that feel called to tend to the light, keep it burning, allowing it to radiate and bring awareness to the shadows so that we can gain the wisdom from the shadow as well as alchemize anything into it's highest and brightest expression. Being in direct experience with the light in your life, that which surrounds you and the light within you can be a wonderful way to live with more joy, flow and grace and feeling more connected to who you truly are.

Much Love,



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