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Our Multifaceted Human Nature Message Quote | Hayley Zammit Spiritual Writer

Just some thoughts from the heart...

Our human nature is so multifaceted. That's something I love about our humanity. I often talk a lot about our divinity because that's an aspect of us that many are out of touch with, but I too, deeply cherish the human experience and the richness of it. Everything is in constant motion, our aging process, our desires, our emotions, our relationships, our job and our appearance. So much change and outward shifts seen, yet beneath it all there is stillness and the eternal presence of awareness that we are that witnesses and embraces it all with acceptance love. The paradox is that our humanity is truly divine. So sacred and special but often it's not seen that way until we take our last breath. Will you take a moment today to honor life and the seasons that will come and go? Or will it take transitioning into non-physical to see the gift that you were given? - Hayley Zammit


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