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Source Transmissions: Channeled Message & Energy Work - Awakening Support

On the 27th/28th of November 2022, I held a LIVE 30min Source Transmissions Class on Insight Timer. Thank you to the 80 souls who joined me live!

If you did not join me live on Insight Timer, you can watch the 30-minute live class, which includes the channeled message and energetic transmission on my YouTube channel!

Don't want to watch the video or receive the energy work? No worries! You can read the channeled message below

"We come through today as a collective of beings that you would recognize as the angels, galactics, and many other forms of love and light. As one, we wish to remind you of your innate connection to us. Your ability to commune with us at any time at all through any means. Dear ones, we are not so much “out there” as we are “in there” within you, within your hearts, and within the oneness that we are.
You may deem separation there on the earth plane, but do not disregard who you are as a part of Source, as too, a higher dimensional being that exists in higher planes of existence. What you see on your world is not all that is, but only a fraction of it, so today we have come forth to remind you of what exactly you are a part of.
The essence of you is love. Everything on your world is a manifestation of Source’s love for you. However, we know that it may not seem like that. The density and lower dimensional consciousness that permeates the collective consciousness of humanity will often see anything but, unless it has risen and touched your heart in its beauty and magnificence. Dear ones, it is your state of consciousness that will shift you between perceiving a dualistic world to that of harmony, peace, and less duality and polarity as you awaken to the truth of who you are and access the higher dimensional being that you are and integrate it with your human experience.
There is so much love here for you and we wish for you to feel this and know this. We ask that you open and surrender to the awakenings that wish to occur within your consciousness and within the collective so that you all may experience the paradigm shift that you are very much a part of birthing at this time on your planet. Behold a civilization that has remembered its own divinity and hearts calling to live in love, joy and to be of service to your fellow humans. Behold experiencing your magnificence beyond perceived limitations. Behold the harnessing of your multidimensional nature. Dear ones, we just wish to remind you of where you are heading on this ascension journey so you can tune into it for yourself and feel the resonance of it.
We wish to highlight that the now present moment is what would be most beneficial for you to focus upon, as the now moment is all that there really is. That is where your power lies, that is where you create from, that is where you can allow the loving presence that you are to arise and be sensed and felt by you. It is from the present moment, that you can clearly see, hear and know the highest path to take and to see through the lens of compassion, joy, peace, and unity.
Many of you at this time are going through an awakening within your heart center. There have been shifts occurring whether a lot has been processing in terms of the emotions or perhaps experiencing more love or appreciation than you have been. You have been receiving nudges and inspiration toward your hearts deeper desires, beyond which the conditioned mind may seek to strive for. You are connecting deeper to your values and sense of self that lies beyond the stories and experiences you have faced and instead are stepping forward into the new in a more integrated state. Your wholeness and divine nature is wanting to be embodied and expressed more and we know you will all do this in your own divine timing and in your own unique ways and we look forward to seeing the unfolding of this in the times ahead.
We look forward to being of support to you all that are on the precipice of a paradigm shift and activation into more of your soul power and remembrance of who you truly are beyond the false programming that you have been born into. We knew you could go beyond it and so did you when you chose to incarnate here. There is so much wisdom within each and every one of you and you will discover more of this knowledge and natural abilities within you as they begin to come online as you remain dedicated to love and to knowing your true self while in this human experience. Dear ones, we have so much appreciation and admiration for you all. Please know that you are never alone and you can call upon us at anytime. Be open to receiving our energy and presence that is in the form of least resistance to you.
As we end this message for you all today, we wish to leave you with the utmost reminder of your sacredness. No matter what you have done, you are all equally loved by the creator. Let go of the judgments that you have about yourselves and others and remember your connection with all beings and choose to see yourself and all through the eyes of love. It is then that you will discover who you truly are and the true power that lies within you. Love and blessings. We invite you to receive our energetic transmission that is ready to come through to you now to support your awakening process as you raise your vibration and expand your consciousness."

Want to join me for another LIVE Source Transmission Class or another event?

Here is a link to my Insight Timer profile where if I have events scheduled you will be able to see and join! You will only see my screen and you can write in the chat. You will not be on video. You can also listen to my meditations and join my courses on the platform, if you wish.


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