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Combine Business & Spirituality | Learn How To Be A Mindful Leader With A Conscious Business

It's time for new spiritual entrepreneurs and heart-centered leaders to emerge and bring new paradigm businesses into the world

Do you feel called to offer a service that supports spiritual evolution and the earth? Is your heart guiding you into more meaningful work? If you want to have a positive impact on the world by merging spirituality and business and doing it in a new way, keep reading!

Whether you are a consultant, coach, trainer, corporate executive, manager, entrepreneur, working professional, nonprofit and social leader, or a high performer and visionary, you have the ability to positively impact lives while creating more connection and community in the process.

You may be keen to register for a free webinar: The Spiritual Entrepreneur or watch the free conscious business series.

Doing business differently and leading in a new way is important for the future of humanity. Spirituality is a huge missing piece in old paradigm structures, so now is the time to embrace your spiritual evolution and integrate it with your soul work.

Wondering how to go about starting or shifting your business to turn it into a new paradigm service? Know that you need some support and guidance around achieving meaningful and exceptional results?

The Inner MBA is a 9 month program hosted by Tami Simon the Founder of Sounds True and Soren Gordhamer who is the Founder of Wisdom 2.0. Experience virtual events, both audio and video modules (mix of live and self-paced), live group mentoring sessions, networking opportunities, on-demand interviews, and weekly live sessions with faculty members! You will also get a certificate of completion and alumni benefits.

Trimester 1 starts September 30th 2023 so apply today or find out more here or dive into some books or other content on conscious business here


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