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Benefits Of Using A 20-Minute Meditation Script PDF For Guided Meditation Sessions | Royalty-Free Meditation Scripts 20 Minutes Long | For The Meditation Guide

Why you should use a 20-minute royalty-free meditation script over 10 minutes or 30 minutes

This blog is directed at meditation teachers, guides, and facilitators leading sessions or creating meditation content to support their clients. You may wonder if a 20-minute meditation script is a suitable time to meditate. You are perhaps curious about what the benefits are of using say a 10-minute or 30-minute meditation script. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know!

Let's explore the benefits, studies, and examples of 20-minute meditation scripts.

4 Benefits Of A 20 Minute Meditation Script PDF

You could opt for a 10-minute meditation script or a 30-minute meditation script, but you may be wondering what makes a 20-minute guided meditation script so great. Let's explore the benefits for both the client and the meditation teacher.

1. Not too long and not too short in duration

A 20-minute guided meditation script is the sweet spot. It gives the listener time to relax the mind and body and be in that state for a while before the meditation comes to an end. 20 minutes gives the listener time to also go on a guided visualization journey or enjoy the spiritual experiential effects of the practice.

It can take people some time to feel safe enough to relax, surrender, and open up to the offering of the meditation, however, if it goes on for too long people can find it hard to sustain.

2. Adequate for a morning, midday, or evening meditation

A 20-minute guided meditation can be optimum for morning, midday, or evening meditation for both beginners and advanced practitioners. Listen to a 20-minute meditation script via an audio recording or guide yourself through the process from a meditation script (or have a session with a meditation teacher).

Starting your day with 20 minutes to yourself to meditate, taking a break during your work day to refocus and nourish your mind, or winding down and taking time for self-care through meditation before bed is a wonderful way to create space in your day for you.

As for being the scriptwriter, you can choose from so many types of meditation scripts to write. It is not limited to the time of day, the intention, or anything. A 20-minute guided meditation script can offer so much whether it be healing, soothing, mindful, spiritual, etc

3. Private meditation sessions can be booked for 30 or 40 minutes

As for the meditation teacher, it allows you to book 30 or 40-minute sessions rather than 60-minute long sessions. This can be a good option for a lower-cost meditation session, for those who don't want to commit to an hour-long session so you have more availability to support other clients too.

The remaining 10-20 minutes can be used at the start of a session to let the client know how the session will go or for questions and introductions. It is also great to have time left after the meditation so you can hear how the client found the meditation, what they experienced etc

4. Only a couple of PDF pages to print or scroll through

Whether you are the meditation guide or the client, don't worry about having to print pages of your printable PDF script off or scrolling through heaps of pages on your laptop. Depending on the font size and how the script is written, about two pages should fit a 20-minute meditation script which will be roughly around 1000 words.

And of course, our health can improve on many levels through following a 20-minute guided meditation script or audio, but I won't go into all that in this blog post.

What studies of 20-minute meditations show

Many studies on meditation have been conducted over the years, including specifically on 20-minute meditations.

Even if you are not a pro meditator, one study has shown that taking a break and doing a 20-minute meditation could support you in minimizing mistakes and being more focused on tasks. This Michigan State University study highlights the impact a 20-minute guided meditation script that you may facilitate can have on the listener.

Lots of people meditate because they want to focus on their work or studies and this shows how taking 20 minutes out of your day to do a meditation can help. As a meditation teacher or meditation content creator, whether you record a 20-minute guided meditation and create an audio track for people to listen to or do a live 20-minute meditation session with a client, you can help them become more successful with their projects and careers.

It is time to invite your meditation clients to hold back on the three coffees and instead create space for a 20-minute meditation!

Examples of 20-minute meditation scripts PDF (roughly 1000 words)

Some examples of 20-minute meditation scripts include:


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