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Affirmation Meditation Scripts | Pre Written Royalty Free Business or Personal Use Affirmations

How To Make Affirmation Meditations Work For You! Transform Your Life By Using Affirmations

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Have you heard of affirmations and want to know more about them or how to use them effectively? Or, perhaps you have experienced the power of affirmation meditations for yourself and are looking for affirmation scripts to use for personal or business use!

In this blog we will explore all things affirmation meditation!

What Is Affirmation Meditation

Firstly, an affirmation is a declaration of something, an affirming of a statement. When it is used in a meditation practice, we may repeat certain affirmations that we know to be true or are trying to reprogram our subconscious mind into knowing them as true. This is why really tuning into the energy of the statements and knowing them to be true to you is the most important part of meditation affirmations.

People can utilize affirmation meditations by listening to them, stating them out loud, or saying them in your mind. They can vary in duration and topic.

Some can be short only a few minutes long to start your day off in a positive mindset, others can be hours long, or there are even affirmation tracks that you can listen to while you sleep.

The repetitive affirming of certain statements can assist people in shifting their perspective, beliefs and programs that have been taken on from childhood or throughout their life and accepting new ones so that they can move forward in their life with a new "operating system" therefore they can live from a new state of consciousness that may be more positive, happy and support them in achieving their goals or desires.

Many people these days understand the importance of vibration, recognizing their belief systems and conditioning from the past. Therefore, affirmations are a great way to address and transform these parts. It is like a rewiring is occurring when we can "download" new updates and settings that we consciously choose rather than running of a default or old system that we are ready to let go of and move on from!

Are Affirmations A Form Of Meditation

If you want to get into meditation but find your mind needs to focus on something as it struggle to meditate in silence or with only music playing, affirmation meditations is a great option for you.

If you notice your mind feels very busy and is seeking to get engaged with thoughts, memories or just anything, affirmations can support you in becoming present and focusing on specific statements.

This allows the resistance to the meditation to fade away as the mind has something to do and it allows you to be present with the affirmations that are arising in the moment.

An affirmation meditation is a meditation that is more about directing your awareness into a particular statement and also tuning into the energy of the statement by using your subtle senses. You tune into what it is like to feel it and know it, just as if it was real and true in this moment.

It is a different form of meditation that is more expansive, open and contemplative, but affirmation meditations definitely support people who do want to make changes in their life in a more direct and conscious way when done properly.

Does Affirmation Meditation Work? 3 Reasons Why Affirmations Have Not Been Working For You & How To Be Successful With Affirmation Meditation

Affirmation meditations DO work! However, the power of them is ultimately in the meditators hands. Affirmation meditations will work as long as you:

1. Accept The Affirmation Statement

Don't simply say or repeat the affirmation without actually understanding what you are saying. You need to actually believe it to be true or have the desire to adopt this new belief or statement. Affirmations will not work if you have a fixed mindset and do not believe that the statements can be real and true for you. Faith and an openness is so important.

2. Tune Into The Energy Of The Affirmation

When you listen to or repeat an affirmation, get your whole mind, body and spirit on board! Feel into the energy of the statement. For example, I am free - how does that feel to you? Does your body feel relaxed and lighter? Does freedom look like something in particular to you? Tune into it emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Do not simply state the words without experiencing the affirmations within your whole being.

3. Express and Embody The Affirmations In Your Life BEFORE You See The Physical Manifestations Of It

You can't spend a few minutes a day doing an affirmation meditation and then go on with the rest of your day speaking and acting in ways that opposite the statements and beliefs that you wanted to align with during your morning meditation...

It is SO important that you go forth speaking words that are in alignment with the statements, that you behave in ways that reflect the affirmations and truly embody and express the shift in your state of consciousness.

Creating the space to listen and do an affirmation meditation is only the first step! It is your responsibility to then bring that meditative state that may have enabled you to feel positive, abundant and empowered into your daily life. Just like with anything we take in mentally - the integration of it is key!

How To Do Affirmation Meditation

Here is some guidance around how to do an affirmation meditation.

  1. Pick an affirmation meditation track to listen to. You may want to create a sacred space for yourself or pop on some headphones and turn your phone off (whatever suits you and your situation).

  2. You may want to close your eyes (or not) and begin to listen to the affirmations. You may repeat the affirmation in your head, out loud and utilizing your voice, or you may simply listen and accept the statements. Whatever you choose, feel into the affirmation as if it was true for you.

  3. Depending on the affirmation meditation, you may want more time to tune into each affirmation individually e.g. instead of 15 secs for each affirmation you may want to immerse yourself in 2 mins of an affirmation so you can truly feel it, visualize it, etc. If this is the case, you may decide to pause the track and then continue playing it when you are ready for the next one. OR the pace that the audio is going may suit you just fine and having a few moments may be long enough for you to be with each one.

  4. After the affirmation meditation has ended, you may want to repeat the track or, if you are done, go forth in your day embodying and expressing this new state!

You may have a daily meditation practice where every morning or night you do an affirmation meditation or perhaps you only do it when you feel as though you have come out of alignment or need a little boost and shift in perspective.

Ultimately, I invite you to listen to and follow your own inner guidance first and foremost. You never want any meditation or wellbeing practice to feel like it's a chore or something you HAVE to do. Instead, you feel inspired or called to do it and you do it without any pressure or attachments.

Affirmation Meditation Royalty-Free Scripts For Personal or Business Use

Here are some PDF download affirmation meditation scripts I have written that you may like to use for personal or business use. They are non-exclusive and royalty-free once purchased.

You can go through the script once or multiple times to make it longer if wanting to make a long audio guided affirmation meditation for example.

Alternatively, I have written multiple custom meditation scripts for clients who want an affirmation script for something specific, and that is exclusive to them. If that interests you, take a look at my custom offerings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do An Affirmation Meditation While Driving?

If you were to do a meditation while driving - affirmation meditations are the ones to do! This is because you can do an affirmation meditation with your eyes open and still being fully conscious and aware of your surroundings and everything going on.

You may listen to an affirmation meditation as you drive to work in the morning to set you up for a positive day - feel your vibration shift into a higher state and be in a more open and positive state of mind!

How Do You Script Affirmation Meditations?

They are written or spoken in present tense - not in the past or the future. Affirmations are all about stating and affirming what IS NOW.

What Are The Most Popular Affirmation Meditations?

Any that are positive, uplifting and will enhance your life! These can include self love affirmations, abundance / financial / money affirmations, empowerment affirmations, health affirmations, sleep affirmations, healing affirmations and more!


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