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$45 NZD / approx $29 USD


Divine Grace Class

A 70 minute class 


37min training about grace

3min channeled message from the Elohim (angelic beings) about grace

30min Guided Meditation for opening up to grace


Topics covered include:

- What is divine grace?

- How can grace serve us in our life?

- How can we experience grace in our lives?

- How can I live my life feeling supported by grace?

- Examples of how I  personally have experienced grace in my life.

- The importance of our heart & higher self when it comes to grace

- Practical tools to assist in experiencing grace.

- What resistance may arise when I surrender to grace?

- The difference between grace and doing the work?

- How does grace support the overall collective consciousness and ascension journey?


This class is delivered via email as an mp3 audio file for you to download and listen to as many times as you like!


The email link will expire after 30 days so please download the file to your computer to keep forever


Divine Grace Class

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