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How To Practice Self Inquiry | Spiritual Self Inquiry For Self Awareness & Spiritual Awakening

Learn all about self-inquiry and discover the benefits to enhance your journey of spiritual growth

Have you heard the term "self inquiry" and wondered what it actually means and how it can help you? In this blog, you will not only learn about what is it, but also discover how to practice self inquiry and use it to support your spiritual growth.

Self inquiry is a practice of going within to reveal your true "self". It is often done by asking a question, and allowing an awakening, or realization to come to your awareness as you sit in a meditative-like state. It is not about finding the right answer or going looking for a logical explanation, but instead, allowing truth to be revealed to you as you become open and receptive to your own divine light. As the limiting beliefs and old programs fall away, a higher knowing and spiritual awakening can occur, which can support you in self realization.

If you are a spiritual seeker or simply feel that there is more to life and more to you than you are currently aware of, self inquiry may be a very beneficial practice for you.

Self Inquiry For Spiritual Awakening And Expanded Awareness

Life itself is a spiritual journey. Through our human experience we naturally gain so much wisdom and evolve as a soul. The more we allow and flow with change and lessen the resistance that we have towards life, we can allow create a space, an environment where a spiritual awakening can occur within our human consciousness. A spiritual awakening will support us in the remembrance of our true self, of our divine spiritual nature which can allow us to be more conscious of how we be and move through life on our ascension journey.

Self inquiry is a practice that is not so much about doing anything but instead about being, tuning inwards and creating an ideal environment for our vibrational state to rise and our consciousness to expand so that we may access new levels of awareness. This allows us to have the ability move from solely perceiving through our limited human awareness and believing who we are is our human personality (what we could call the small self) to awakening to our true self (the big Self- capital S). We essentially break out of the box or veil that we saw life through and instead, can now see true reality which has always been there. We know ourselves as a multidimensional awareness of Love, an emanation of the One Source Consciousness. From that, the term self inquiry is kind of a paradox, as self is no longer about us as a singular human being asking ourselves a question, but we have moved into knowing the Self as being One with all of life.

Integrating Our Humanity And Divinity Through Self Inquiry

For me personally, I believe it is important to honor both our humanity and divinity, to integrate them both into our human experience as we came into this lifetime to be a human and to not simply be sitting in a cave being pure awareness. We came to be in physical form enjoying all the pleasures of the flesh while having the ability to awaken and become self aware of who we truly are. Therefore, I believe self inquiry is an amazing tool to support our spiritual awakening process but once we do awaken and access higher states of consciousness it is important to also stay grounded and be able to anchor in those higher frequencies and wisdom into our bodies and human experience. Our ascension journey is all about being able to hold more light in our vessel and be an embodiment and expression of our higher self consciousness in human form. It's a constant integration of allowing the love that we are to be known, experienced, and expressed by us. How can we be the living masters that we already are in a higher dimensional reality? How many we alchemize the denser energies, thoughts, beliefs, and programs that keep us stuck in the perception of separation, fear, scarcity, and limitation and claim our divine sovereignty and as we do so, naturally affect the collective consciousness of humanity so that we may be an ascended civilization that experiences more unconditional love and unity, and all the true divine qualities of our essence.

Self Inquiry As A Tool For Liberation

Self inquiry and other tools such as meditation, breath work, sound, energy work, and more are just What is truly healing and liberating is what these tools can help us open the door to which is an expansion in consciousness, the spiritual awakening that occurs. It is the tools that can support us in preparing the mind and body for this, such as helping us relax, get present, tune in, release energy, and so on.

5 Benefits of Spiritual Self Inquiry

There are many benefits to having a self inquiry practice, but here's my top five.

1. You can discover who you truly are

A simple question and inquiry into the self can help us discover who we truly are at our essence. Self inquiry can lead to self awareness and a spiritual awakening which then leads to self realization. We awaken from believing we are the "small" or " false" self and instead, we may remember and know ourselves as part of Source/God or as a divine being that is so much more than just our humanness. This can then allow you to embody and express who you truly are in the world.

2. You create space to expand your awareness and raise your vibrational state

When you sit in a meditative state and inquire about the self you create a spaciousness and stillness that allows your vibration to rise and come back to its natural state. You also effortlessly expand your consciousness and can access new information and ideas.

3. It's a tool that only requires only yourself

You don't need a gong, a crystal, be breathing in a certain way, be holding a specific yoga pose, or paying for a practitioner to be a channel for your healing (you can definitely benefit from these but it is empowering to know that you can be your own healer). All that is required is a willingness, a genuine desire to sit and be with yourself and know who you truly are. You are willing to surrender all that you have known and be open to the possibility of something more, something higher and more loving. You want to release any resistance to the now moment and to accept the truth of who you are.

4. Helps you move through life seeing it as sacred and beautiful

Through a practice of self inquiry and the experiential wisdom and love that we have the ability to experience through it, we move through life with more flow, grace, love, and understanding. We honor all life, we see how all things are connected and perfect as they are, we know that there is so much creative potential, we know of the energetic and vibratory nature of the world, and know ourselves.

5. You can enjoy experiential spirituality

As self inquiry is not a visualization guided meditation or practice where you are trying to manipulate or change anything or utilize the mind, you allow the pure awareness that you are to be directly experienced by you. You allow the divine essence of love to arise in your human heart, body and consciousness even as you simultaneously hold the state of pure awareness or fluctuate between your human awareness and divine awareness.

How To Do A Spiritual Self Inquiry Practice

There is no right or wrong way to do self inquiry. You do not have to listen to music or ask one specific question, but there are certain components which can make your self inquiry practice powerful and effective.

Step 1 - Create Time & Space

Give yourself time to go within for self inquiry. Choose a location where you will feel safe and comfortable to relax and be in a meditative-like state.

Step 2 - Inquire

You may like to sit and close your eyes and get centered before asking a question such as who am I? Inquire with pure intent, with a genuine heart-centered desire to know thyself.

Step 3 - Be & Receive

Be open and receptive to what arises from your question. Stay present and aware as you drop into a deeper/higher state of consciousness. Do not seek an answer or expect a statement but allow the truth to be sensed, known, and experienced by you.

Step 4 - Integration

To live and embody what you received and experienced, integration is important. You may want to write things down in your journal or take time later on to sit with the wisdom that came to you. Perhaps consider how you can use it to live differently or to be of service in some way. It is really up to you to decide what you do from what you gain from your self inquiry practice.

I have a royalty-free Self Inquiry Meditation Script PDF coming soon!


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