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Receive Channeled Messages | Channeled Writing Process | Channeling Messages From Spirit and Source

Why you should try channeled writing and how to bring through channeled messages from Spirit

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Are you drawn to channeled writing? Want to receive channeled messages from Spirit? In this blog discover three reasons why you should try channeled writing, how to do channeled writing and what to use to assist you!

channeled writing

3 Reasons Why You Should Try Channeled Writing

There are many reasons why you should give channeled writing a go, but here are my top 3.

1. Channeled Writing Is A Way To Bring Through Messages From Your Spirit Guides or Past Loved Ones

Many of us desire to connect with our teams in spirit, or perhaps our loved ones that have passed on. We may not think that we are gifted psychics or have the ability to do such a thing, but I want you to know that we are all born with intuitive abilities and it is up to us to discover what ones are our strengths and how we can cultivate them if we truly desire to utilize them in our life.

Channeled writing is a way many people find that wisdom and higher dimensional wisdom can flow through them instead of, for example, channeling verbally. If you feel the call to sit in a meditative state and allow words to come through in written form as you connect with spirit, trust that and create the time and space to do so.

2. You Know You Are A Channeler And You Feel Called To Channeled Writing

You feel deep within your soul that you are here on earth in this lifetime to be a channel, to bring through higher dimensional wisdom. You may not know how / what / when / who, but you feel the pull to be a conduit for love and light to support humanity. Channeled writing is a way that you can bring these messages through.

You may discover that it's not your thing. You may prefer vocal channeling, bringing through light language through symbols, sounds, movement, channeling healing energy or other forms of channeling. But you may discover that channeled writing just feels right for you! You won't know until you try. Let yourself trust the calling within.

3. You Can Do It On Your Own And Have Physical Records Of The Channeled Messages

Okay, let's face it, not everyone is into channeling or thinks it's legit. You may be the only one in your group of friends that are into spirituality, consciousness, intuition and channeling. therefore, you need a way to practice and bring through channeled messages on your own if you don't feel comfortable channeling for or in front of other people.

With channeled writing, all you need is yourself and a paper and pen and you can keep it private and to yourself if you want (but you can also share it with others when you feel ready!).

How Do I Do Channeled Writing?

If you are like me, channeling through writing just felt right. When I sat down with my pen, paper and intention to connect with spirit and to bring through their messages, wisdom flowed through. I could let go and allow the words to pour through as my human awareness took a back seat and my mind became blank and clear for a different stream of consciousness to come through.

At first I admired vocal channels and thought that's how I had to channel, but for me it flowed a lot easier through writing and I found that it was light language that flowed through vocally rather than needing to translate it into words. But we are all unique in the way wisdom wants to be expressed through us, so do what feels good to you and figure out the way of least resistance for you.

You may just know what words want to come through (claircognizance), you may hear the words before you right them down (clairaudience) or you may feel as though something else is taking hold of your pen and writing through you (automatic writing). There is no wrong or right way to do channeled writing and it may evolve over time too!

Take any pressure off yourself and allow yourself to relax and practice. Get used to getting out of the way and letting your mind take a back seat so something else can come through - whether it's your higher self, angels, ascended masters, star collectives or councils or more!

I found that I didn't like reading my channeled writing straight after doing it because my ego would chime in and want to discount the messages and judge them. So I found that reading it the next day or later on was great because I was less attached to the words and more open to the wisdom compared to being judgemental about my ability to bring the wisdom through.

What To Use To Assist You In Your Channeled Writing

Here are some tools that can support you in your process and journey of learning to bring through channeled messages and having a consistent practice of channeled writing.

To keep a record of your all your channeled writing, you can use the Channeled Writing Journal which uses large pages with a space to put the date and who you are channeling or connecting with. You can see how your channeling develops over time and plenty of space to write. Having separate pieces of random paper can get messy and confusing so keep all your channeled messages together in one journal.

Whether you read through the Channeled Writing Meditation Script to support you in getting into a meditative state OR record it as a guided meditation audio to listen to using your own voice, it can guide you into a state where you are open and receptive to receive messages from spirit.

You may wish to put some soft meditative music on in the background while you tune in, get centered and connect to spirit or you may want to listen to a guided meditation to support you in calling in and connecting with spirit, opening your heart and getting present and more. There are many guided meditation audios and music / sound healing tracks to support you on the Aura Health App. You can get your 30 Day Guest Pass HERE.


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