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$7.18 NZD / approx $5 USD


You will receive 1x pre written meditation script - Inhale & Exhale Breathing Meditation Script / 359 words / PDF File

This script will support the listener in bringing in the qualities that they want to feel and cultivate within while also releasing the stress, fear, shame, or anything else they want to let go of through utilizing the breath.

What you will receive:
1x PDF file of the Inhale & Exhale Breathing Meditation Script (359 words) - digital download  (non exclusive).

Use a royalty-free guided meditation script to use in your business or just for personal use.

Business use may include:
- Reading the script to do live sessions with clients online or in person
- Creating a meditation audio from the script and uploading it on Youtube or on your website
- Using it in your programs, courses or app
- Make something new with it!

You may NOT:
- Resell and redistribute the script as it is (or slightly modify a few words)

Royalty-free meditation scripts are not the same as free meditation scripts. Royalty-free scripts means that there are no royalties paid to the creator of the script when you use it, provided that you obtain the script legally by purchasing it and follow the guidelines of the creator.

Please credit the writer Hayley Zammit whenever possible.


The email link will expire in 30 days so please download to your computer to keep forever.

Inhale & Exhale Breathing Meditation Script

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