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Trust In Your Remembrance Channeled Message | Hayley Zammit Spirtual Channel

A conduit of light you all are, but to know this you are required to dissolve the fear and the falsities that would have you believe otherwise.
You are there on the earth for a reason and you know this deep down and there is a calling within you rising up at this time to connect deeper to it and to who you truly are. All you need to do dear one is remember, for this is not new.
To remember is to surrender and allow the divine wisdom that you hold within to be revealed within your consciousness and for you to not dismiss it or reject but accept it for yourself and for the healing of the world. Love is what you are and you have created a construct to experience the remembrance of that.
Your human nature does not define you for it is what you chose to explore your divinity with. You are holy and sacred at your essence, knowing that and bringing it forth into the human experience is what you intended to do before you were birthed.
Be merry in this remembrance and rediscovery of who and what you are. Let the journey of human life invite you into love, peace, joy and grace.
Walking the earth at this time on the planet is not for the faint of heart, but for those that knew they would awaken from the limits of their human awareness and expand their consciousness into their divine nature.
You came on willingly into this human experience, into a creation which you were a part of constructing. That is how powerful you are, that is how curious you were to be in the physicality of human life and play your angelic part as you integrate the two.
Know you are held on this journey. You are loved and supported in every single moment, whether you deem it happy or sad. If you knew who surrounded you, you would never be in fear, but you would revel in the love that is here.
This is a time for you to demonstrate your mastery, your ability to return back to love whilst in your human embodiment. Every second is an opportunity for this and it is through your allowance and will, you can make this so. You are loved and we are with you always. 
- Channeled by Hayley Zammit


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