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Reminder To Go Within - The Pleiadian Council of Nine | Channeled Message

Reminder to go within

"Know that you are supported, you have so much love and guidance around you for you are never alone. We are here, we are watching, we are right there with you even if you cannot see us with your physical eyes. For we have so much love and gratitude for you being here and we are assisting you. We ask you to open up to us, give us permission to come in stronger and to have more tangible experiences with us if you wish to.

You can raise your frequency and tune into your subtle senses and these can be developed through certain practices that you feel drawn to such as meditation, where you intend to sit down with yourself and tune in within, for everything is within you, everything you want to access is within. It is just practice and this will get stronger and stronger and you will know that the truth of who you are is love, the truth of who you are is connected to everything and everyone and you are part of Source, of all that is.

Ultimately you are here to express the unique soul that you are, for there is nobody like you and you get to play and create on this planet the way you choose to. The more you go within and address any limiting beliefs and programing and shift out of the third dimensional reality you are free. You are able to move forward more empowered with more self worth and knowing who you really are and having a much easier time here.

You are all experiencing unique journeys which was the plan, which is what you signed up for, so let go of the judgments of what other are doing or you being right. The best thing you can do is see that they are too source energy, playing their role, having their unique perception of what they wanted to experience in order for their soul’s growth.

This is a time to go within and we know we keep repeating this but it is because it is so important at this time, the more you do this the more you will shift with more ease and there will it be so much less resistance and suffering. You think these are just little things and they do not matter but in the bigger picture they do matter to humanity and to the whole universe.

So many of you think of us as higher than or better than, but know we are your equals what we experience is just different, we are just in a different game. That is why we have so much love for you because coming down to Earth into this denser reality and forgetting who you are is not easy, but you have strong hearts and you wanted to be here to do that."

- The Pleiadian Council of Nine channeled by Hayley Zammit

raising up into the higher dimensions channeled messages from the pleiadians hayley zammit

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What the readers say...

"What a fantastic book! I've read many channeled books, but this was one of the best by far! Usually I highlight certain key things that resonate with me, but with this book I've highlighted almost the entire thing! It really helped me with some decisions I need to make regarding quitting my 3D toxic job. Thank you Hayley! Please keep more books coming - I love the Pleiadian Council Of Nine!"

" I read this book one page per day (as are the messages written). I found each message valuable in understanding my own purpose here, so much resonated with me and how I can assist myself and others raise up to a higher level of consciousness. These messages are so important at this time. Thank you Hayley for writing these messages they have indeed enlightened my journey."

" Wow. Legit read the whole book in one sitting. I couldn't nor didn't want to put it down. I received sooo many golden nuggets and insights from these messages and will definitely be revisiting this book on the daily. This book has honestly come at the most perfect time for me, as I'm currently going through a huge transition and upgrade in my own self- awareness and consciousness. Thank you so much Hayley for sharing your gifts with me and the world. I feel so supported and encouraged to keep being me, to lean into the unknown , to trust myself , to believe I can and I am becoming the best version of me yet all while living my purpose to help others do the same".

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are The Pleiadians?

The Pleiadians are a group of beings (both physical and non-physical) that come from the Pleiades star system. They are a race or species that have gone through their own ascension journey and wish to help humanity at this time as we go through our own awakening and ascension journey. They are essentially like humanities grandparents!

What Is A Channeled Message?

A channeled message is a message that has come through from another stream of consciousness. A channeler will share the message through talking, writing or another form. Ideally the channeled message comes from a higher state of consciousness that is loving and wise such as your higher self, an angel, an ascended master, a star being or collective, council or group that wishes to come through and share insights with humanity or a particular person.


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