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Hayley supports people in remembering and embodying their divinity in their human experience. She invites you to be who you truly are so you can live a life of more joy, flow, and grace.

Hayley's channeled messages, guided meditations and transmissions support people in expanding their consciousness so they can claim the Love that they are. She reminds us that we are always whole, sacred and divine. Hayley is not here to save, change or fix you but instead to be a mirror of the divine being of light and love that you are. She wants you to claim your sovereign divinity and be soul led.

Hayley does distance sessions via email or recorded video for channeled guidance and healing. She creates audio masterclasses, writes books, does weekly Source Transmissions, produces guided meditations and writes custom meditation scripts.

Private spiritual support sessions are currently closed as Hayley focusses on writing more books, meditations and creating masterclasses.

"Give yourself the sacred medicine of your own love & presence"

- Hayley Zammit


Receive an emailed channeled message from spirit or get a video card reading to support you moving forward.


Choose a masterclass on a topic you would like to learn more about and integrate the knowledge into your life


This includes a channeled message, healing transmission, personalized sound healing audio and integration support

Purchase a guided meditation or get a custom meditation script written for personal or business use


Read Hayley's book or use her journals to support you in your life


Join Hayley every week for a live for a healing transmission and channeled message, or sign up to receive the recording

Kind words

"Truly healing, thank you" - K

"Hayley is an amazingly talented spiritual healer.
I too like many others, seek alternative therapies to reduce the stress in our every day life. Hayley creates a great atmosphere of peace, acceptance and mindfulness for those on varying levels of their journey. Sound healing has been the start to a big change" - N

"Wow your written transmission almost made me cry" - R

"Beautiful message that I needed  to hear, thank you" -C

"Very powerful, thank you Hayley". - N

"Absolutely excellent and empowering. I loved it thank you so much" -G

"That was wildly beautiful. Felt so much" - K

"Hayley is very insightful, the June re-set was a valuable experience for me and helped me with personal spiritual growth. The sound baths offered were great for meditations" - T

" Beautiful writing, professional communication - loved working together on this project!" - K

"Hayley has this ability to make me feel heard, seen and not alone on this amazing journey of self discovery. She helps mirror back what I need to hear which creates space, perspective, opportunities and a safe environment for me to go within to seek the answers within myself. She encourages me to use my inner guidance system, and to trust my intuition, which makes me feel empowered, and inspires me to take action all while feeling guided and supported on my journey" -L


You are more than just this human body with one life to live ~ you are a multidimensional being of Love, the eternal presence of consciousness having its expression through you as you. You are already an ascended source energy being who chose to have an aspect of your oversoul descend into a lower dimension to forget who you are and why you came here, to then be awakened into the remembrance of who you truly are. There will be a moment in your life where you may start questioning what life is all about and why you are here..you may go through a trauma such as a near death experience, break up, illness or experience a miracle etc and this triggers an awakening within you to remember who you truly are. This is all in divine time with your higher selfs plan so whenever it happens for you it is meant to be! This then inititates you into moving forward on your path to discover, learn, heal and remember more of who you truly are at a soul level.

You will be activating wisdom and information within your consciousness and energy field. An activation is the process of you the human receiving or turning on light codes and integrating them. A light code is a transmission of energy and information and this can come through in a variety of ways such as through a meditation, sound healing, energy healing, light language, from nature, the sun & cosmos, art, your spirit team. An activation happens instantly on a quantum level & then things will shift in your life from that point on through your integration of it. You may notice shifts energetically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. You may find yourself releasing stored trauma, low vibrations, outdated templates of beliefs and programming. You may start being more conscious of your thoughts, decisions and ways of being and expand your conscious awareness and discovering gifts and abilities within you. Therefore during an activation do not try and make sense of the transmission logically – that is not how activations work as it happens on a quantum and energetic level. It goes deeper than the limitations of the human language, mind and comprehension. All you need to do to receive an activation is to set your intention and open your heart and receive and let go of any expectations. Activations are very much a process of integration and unfoldment.

Embodiment of your true souls essence – your unique frequency with your passions and abilities you are here to embody and transmit out into the world. As you integrate more of your higher self, melding the divine you with your humanness you not only create a life full of love, joy, flow for yourself but you also feel a deep calling from your heart to be of divine service to others. Embodiment is a process of unfoldment as your soul always wants to expand and you will discover more parts of you more and more everyday. Embodiment is all about moving forward in your life being the true authentic you and expressing that – you allow source energy to flow through you in your unique way, always wanting to anchor in on the highest timeline available to you right now – therefore fulfilling your purpose in this lifetime.