Soul connection
 11 week program 

Humanities core wound is feeling separate from Source and its own divinity.

Forgetting the oneness that we are the and connection with our true souls essence.

Know you are always connected to your soul & Source!

But yes at times it doesn’t feel that way...

We can feel separate and disconnected with who we really are and with everything around us.

Its time for you to remember, cultivate and nurture your connection with your soul and higher self so you can live a life of more life of joy, flow and grace, knowing who you truly are and your purpose in this lifetime 

Soul Connection is a 11 Week Online Program for you to remember, activate & embody your true souls essence in this human experience.

Its time to integrate your humanity with your divinity... 

There will be 2 options available:

- Self Study Online Program Only


- Self Study Online Program PLUS 4 x 60min private 1:1 sessions with Hayley to support you throughout the duration of the program

Cultivate a stronger conscious connection with your soul and higher self and the world you are living in. Discover a new way of living and being, feeling more connected with who you truly are and all that is. Learn how to go within and listen to your intuition & hearts calling, always feeling supported and guided. Live a life of authenticity, inspiration and alignment with your souls essence and purpose in this lifetime. This is a lifestyle, a way of being, a path with more unconditional love, flow, inner peace, guidance, inspiration....do you say yes? 

Topics include:


Nervous system regulation

Embodiment practices

Our 5 senses & physical body

The brain and egoic structure of the mind

Physical reality & lower dimensions

Our cells & DNA


Lifestyle, manifestation & action


Source / God / Spirit

Your higher self consciousness & soul

Expanding consciousness

Chakra system & meridians

Divine feminine & masculine energies

Our heart portal

Being soul led

Energetic practices

Our subtle senses

Intuition & multidimensional abilities

In addition to the weekly trainings and variety of guided meditations, sound healings, mantras, sound baths and other guided practices, you will also have:

  • A sacred weekly experience – This is an experience for the week for you to do on your own that reflects upon that weeks topic and assists in cultivating a connection with your soul whether that be on a mental, emotional, spiritual or physical level.

  • Journey through the main chakra system – Each week will be focused on a specific chakra, on healing or balancing or activating this area, this is important as our chakras affect us on all levels of our being plus helps us in connecting with our higher self and higher realms more easier when they are balanced and working in harmony.

  • Journal Prompts – Journaling helps us access the subconscious mind and bring up certain things to our conscious mind for healing. When we can get things out of our mind and onto paper this can help with clarity on certain issues and helps keep our mind clear so we can be open to receive higher guidance.

  • Intuitive Development - Some of the weeks will include an intuitive ability that you can learn more about and develop. This is important as our soul communicates through energy and frequency which we can perceive beyond the physical realm, so it is imperative we learn how our higher self and spirit is communicating with us and how to become more in tune and develop these ways of receiving and interpreting information and guidance.

  • Qualities to cultivate – Our soul has qualities that are part of our essence, therefore we will go into certain qualities and energies that align with our soul and higher self which enables us to raise our vibration and energetic state to become an embodiment of our souls essence. Often as a child these aspects of us can be suppressed so its more of a remembrance and activation of those that are already within us.

  • Two integration weeks – In a program like this where there is so much information being transmitted on a mental and emotional level we need time to rest and integrate these codes and information within us. Week 4 & 8 will be for integration, so there will not be any learning content for these weeks but integration practices to allow all the information and activations to be processed and integrated within you before continuing on.

Launching mid 2022

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