Book Reviews

Highlighted Everything! - Raising up into the higher dimensions

"What a fantastic book! I've read many channeled books, but this was one of the best by far! Usually I highlight certain key things that resonate with me, but with this book I've highlighted almost the entire thing! It really helped me with some decisions I need to make regarding quitting my 3D toxic job. Thank you Hayley! Please keep more books coming - I love the Pleiadian Council Of Nine!"

Insanely Gooood! - Raising up into the higher dimensions

" Wow. Legit read the whole book in one sitting. I couldn't nor didn't want to put it down. I received sooo many golden nuggets and insights from these messages and will definitely be revisiting this book on the daily. This book has honestly come at the most perfect time for me, as i'm currently going through a huge transition and upgrade in my own self- awareness and consciousness. Thank you so much Hayley for sharing your gifts with me and the world. I feel so supported and encouraged to keep being me, to lean into the unknown , to trust myself , to believe I can and I am becoming the best version of me yet all while living my purpose to help others do the same".

Fantastic Read for  self awareness and wellbeing - Raising up into the higher dimensions

I read this book one page per day (as are the messages written). I found each message valuable in understanding my own purpose here, so much resonated with me and how I can assist myself and others raise up to a higher level of consciousness. These messages are so important at this time. Thank you Hayley for writing these messages they have indeed enlightened my journey.

Another Great Book - Her Energetic Code

Another great book from Hayley! I've got a specific passage saved on my desktop as a reminder for when I have a strong negative emotion. It's already helped me this past week. I also highly recommend getting a reading from her. She really has changed my life. Can't wait for book #3!

About Hayley Zammit's Books

Hayley loves sharing channeled messages from Spirit as well as messages that come from her at a soul level to support humanity at this time. She wants to remind you of your divinity and to support you in your human experience.


In 2024 Hayley will be releasing a book filled with messages channeled from Source and another book that is her sharing her own living transmission of what wants to come through her unique essence in this lifetime so far. A second edition of Her Energetic Code will be releasing late 2023 as she was guided to add some more information to support women in empowerment as they transition between the lower dimensions and higher through their awakening and energetic mastery. The Elohim and Angelic Guardian's of Light have also come through inviting Hayley to channel a book from them which is all about the frequency of the rainbow ray and source code.


Hayley loves bringing through this wisdom through writing as it flows well, and a book is so affordable and accessible to anyone. Hayley wants everyone to be able to access content that will support them in their life, especially at this time on the planet where humanity is going through a big shift and many people are going through a spiritual awakening and needing some guidance.

All Hayley's books are available to purchase on Amazon in paperback, kindle and her journals are also offered in hardcover.