~ Post Healing/Activation Integration Tips ~

I would like to say a massive thank you for receiving a healing or activation whether it be from a live online event, a personalized transmission or from one of my online digital offerings!

Each time you receive a healing or activation you open yourself up to a new state of being. So naturally things arise, you learn, you release and expand!

Low vibrations, energies, emotions may want to leave your field that are no longer resonant with your new vibration and frequency so its key to hold space for yourself and let them come up and be released.

Certain things may want to fall away and be let go of so you can welcome in new opportunities that are for your highest good and are in alignment with a new higher timeline.

You may become more conscious of what you want to do, say , take action on, watch, listen to - how you want to use your energy.

You may feel your sensitivity and intuition has increased so honoring that and creating boundaries for your own self care and self love.

New ways of embodiment - perhaps you show up to life differently, you feel more connected to your soul and embody more of your unique essence and codes and share that with the world!

You may feel extra tired as so much is shifting on a energetic and cellular level, you may feel a bit off, you may feel amazing! - everyone will respond differently!

To integrate the healing that you received I encourage you during this week to take extra time to:

- Rest

- Take time by yourself

- Drink lots of water

- Eat intuitively

- Journal

- Meditate

- Take time in nature

- Express gratitude

- Let your inner child play

- Move your body

- Do what feels good to you

- Be conscious of where you are putting your attention, focus and energy

If you would like to share about your healing or leave a positive review on Social media you are welcome to do that! I ask you to please tag @hayleyzammit_ on Instagram so we can encourage more people to connect back with their hearts and soul! Thank you for being you! The world is a better place with you in it!

Much Love,

Hayley Zammit