Your thoughts

Don't think that how you feel or what your thinking matters? are creating your reality in every moment!

Each time you think that 'I'm not worthy...Im not good enough...nothing good ever happens to me'...& feel the emotions of jealously, lack, scarcity, frustration, hatred, anger your becoming an energetic match to attract more of that into your life...whether you like it or not.

I invite you to start to be more conscious of what is coming up for you within & how you interact in the it in alignment with who you want to be & embody in the world? Or is it taking you further away from your dreams & desires & welcoming in things that you would rather not be experiencing?

Energy & vibration is so important & is a major factor towards contributing to what occurs in your life & how it feels.

After you go through rewiring old beliefs & programs & being more conscious of your thoughts & actions & way of being & deliberately feeling & calling in higher frequencies & embodying them, lower emotions may start to arise, so we need to give ourselves permission to feel, transmute & alchemize these energies & then come back into alignment with our heart & soul & move forward from this place.

Claim your sovereignty & know how powerful you are!

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