Your state of being

"It is not WHAT you do as much as the state of BEING that you carry into everything that you do".

For instance just being in the presence of someone who is so full of love and holding a high frequency they are affecting those around them and the collective in such a powerful way.

In everyday moments and activities allow yourself to be in a state of love or joy compared to lower states such as frustration, anger etc at work , driving or doing groceries.

You may not be out doing speeches in front of hundreds of people but don't under estimate the power of your state of being and how that can affect your own life ( such as manifesting your desires, aligning you with your highest path) but also others around you.

We are all one so your personal vibration and frequency also affects the collective frequency. By just being aware of your state of being you can help raise the collective consciousness of the Earth and therefore the ascension of our planet as well.

Remember we can always come back to our natural state of being which is love and joy at anytime.

Much Love