Your souls blueprint

A flower starts off as a seed then it grows & blooms into a beautiful flower. The seed holds the codes, it contains the blueprint for it to grow & bloom into the flower it was meant to be. Everything is within this seed for it to thrive in its lifetime.

This is just like us, our soul holds the blueprint & codes that we are here to activate & embody in this lifetime. All the abilities, energies, wisdom from all our lifetimes are held within our cells & DNA & will activate when we are vibrationally ready & in divine time. Everything we need is within us to be the person we came here to be - we are each a unique aspect of source & we all have our own unique souls blueprint & codes to embody & transmit. Ever since childhood we have been told to look outside of ourselves, to observe & learn from others, that we have to follow these steps & structures, that there are certain things, roles, qualities, possessions we should be aiming to have & be in our life. We don't get told to look within ourselves - that we hold the keys.

This is a reminder that your soul, your higher self knows who you truly are & why you came into this lifetime, if you follow your hearts calling & align with divine will, you will be guided where to go, what to do etc. It is when we look outside of ourselves & compare & judge ourselves against others, who they are & what they are doing that we can feel lost, depressed & disempowered. You are here to be uniquely you & let the blueprint & codes of your soul lead you & be expressed.

Much Love 💜