Your reality

If you want your reality to change what are you doing today to make that happen? Are you taking time to connect with your heart? Are you feeling the vibrations of what you want to experience that day? Are you taking time just for yourself to breathe, visualize, journal?

Its so easy to go about our day being unconscious and putting up with whatever comes our way..but remember we are powerful divine creators and every day we have the opportunity to re write our story, decide to be conscious of what we do in every now moment so we can feel the most love and joy each day. It is time to choose what timeline you want to align with and become more conscious of your thoughts and vibration. We can tap into the New Earth now and create our reality consciously from our heart or we can resist this and stay in old timelines with the subconscious mind running the show. Every now moment is a new moment! Give yourself permission to release the fear, lack, limiting beliefs and allow yourself to be open to what your heart and soul is calling you towards.

Much Love