You Are Your Own Healer! Accept Your Own Love, Divinity & Wholeness

YOU are your own healer! I do not heal you, I hold space for you to receive what comes through as I open up to be a channel for a powerful transmission of energy and light codes from Source. It is up to you to be open to receiving and ACCEPT this transmission. Know if you are guided to receive a healing or channeled message it is your higher self guiding you as it knows that there is something for you to receive from this session.

Many of my clients report physical responses to the transmissions that I bring through, you may feel a deep shiver run through your body or feel your cells resonate with the energy or you just feel a shift within you. You may have an emotional response and feel so much love or want to cry. You may have an expansion in consciousness and remember more of who you truly are and see beyond your limited human awareness and receive your own insights and soul remembrances. You may also feel nothing, it all depends on how sensitive you are to energy and how open you are to the transmission.

I also want to remind you that it may not be in your highest good to 'heal', what I mean by that is that taking away an illness, pain, or discomfort for you may not be for the best for your soul's expansion. Some lessons cannot be learned another way therefore 'healing' something during a transmission will not be beneficial on a soul level, therefore your higher self will not let this occur, it will do its best to guide you to heal and accept the lesson through going through an experience, even if your human awareness cannot comprehend why it would want such a thing. So trust if you feel called to receive a transmission, knowing it is indeed for you, but know it will not take away the lessons that you need to learn in this human experience - you will discover your own inner healer through this process!

Know that this work is truly powerful, through transmissions you not only affect you in this current lifetime but you affect your soul, all other lifetimes as you are all connected through your oversoul. Trust the resonance you feel, as these transmissions will bypass the mind and affect you in ways that we do not understand or have words for, it is truly multidimensional! I have so much gratitude for the remembrance of being a channel in this lifetime and how natural it is for me to bring through transmissions of light, energy and information.

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Much Love!