You are the writer of your story

You are the writer of your story. You knew that everything that you were going to experience in this lifetime would be for your expansion - the evolution of your soul and the planet. Oh dear one bless everyone that crosses your path. There is a much better picture at play. Interweaving and intertwining of consciousness is all part of the oneness. Breathe and be still. Find the inner peace within you. You feel your heart expand. This is bringing in love and you send this out greatly thank you. Everything is energy and vibration. Be a match to that which you seek to attract into your life. Patience, trust and surrender is key. Things are falling into place so just allow and let your team assist and bring in all the components. Everyday can be a magical journey. Its the little things. Stay present. Embrace all things on your path whether you perceive it as unwanted or wanted - it is all for you. Keep shining light into the dark. The transformation this truly makes can be unfathomable to the human mind but we can see the enormity of it. Continue to return to the heart step by step day by day.

Much Love