You are seeing the world through new eyes...

As you begin to awaken you start to see the world through new eyes. You feel a shift in consciousness. You may begin to question the life you are living, you start to ask the big questions like why am i here? You may feel drawn to meditate and quiet the mind. You begin to recognize the programs and belief systems from society and from your family that you have taken start to question if this is true for you. A spiritual awakening can be a confusing time especially if you are not surrounded with people that have an open mind. You can feel drawn to want to spend time in solitude so you can put together all the puzzle pieces. Awaken Your Light course is designed just for this. Its an introductory short online course with 5 audio modules, 1 guided meditation and 3 journal prompts to assist you at the start of your inner journey. And know you are not alone - more and more people are waking up. Nurturing yourself and taking time for you is an important part of this journey. Beautiful soul if you are starting your inner journey and don't know where to turn then let Awaken Your Light be a guide to support you during this time.

Here is the link to purchase if you feel called:

Much Love