You are powerful, beautiful, brilliant & brave!

Throughout your life there will be opportunities for growth & expansion,

They may appear as triggers or perceived as challenges,

It's all an invitation for you to experience it for what it is & to go within,

To be aware of what's going on within you,

To observe source experiencing itself through you and through others,

Knowing God is in all things,

The light & dark,

It just Is.

You can choose to alchemize all things into a higher state,

You get to shower yourself with unconditional love & compassion,

To transform all that which is not in coherence with your true souls essence,

You get to demonstrate self mastery,

You get to expand your consciousness & feel, see & know from a heart centered place.

You can see the lessons & gifts presented to you in your human experience & be a part of the expansion of Source.

You can dissolve old beliefs & programs that may hold you back from being your highest self,

You can choose to experience Heaven on Earth,

To live a life of meaning & purpose,

With inspiration & joy flowing through you,

Feeling grateful for another day on Earth to experience life through human form,

To be soul led following the calling of your heart in each moment.

There is so much we get to do,

So many things to create & experiences to be had,

So much Love to be embodied & expressed,

Use your conscious choice, your free will to decide what lens you are going to see through in this lifetime & what you are going to radiate out into the world 🦋

Much Love 💜