You are part of the One ~ go beyond duality

I sat in meditation & Source came through with some insight. I have been feeling amazing recently & also felt that different spirit guides/beings etc felt like they were all merged rather than being perceived as 'seperate' collectives or angels etc

Source said that is because we don't need these different streams of consciousness to be represented as different forms, beings or archetypes outside of us. It's to let go further towards any attachments with different beings or identies & forms of spirit. To feel them within me, see them all as unique parts of the One within. (Of course we can & it can be helpful & fun but it's not necessary).

As we continue to integrate the many aspects of the one source consciousness we begin to move beyond duality consciousness & the polarity system. So by going beyond these different identies we can anchor more into oneness. Letting go of who, what, how and to go into the unknown as a channel & just allow the information and expression to come from the heart portal.

Going forward most of the channelings I will be sharing will be from Source/Oneness and my own higher self/ source self so I can share more of my own unique expression as a soul & the teachings that are wanting to come through (+more fire 🔥), but also remain open to specific streams of consciousness to come through as well. Remaining open & letting go of attachments to all things 🤍 this has been going great so far, last week was one of my most successful weeks yet 🙏🦋

Are you feeling shifts too?

Much Love