You are not here to be some concept that you made up that sounds good

You are not here to be some concept that you made up that sounds good, instead to embody your authentic self through the remembrance of who you are. This requires a surrender and a willingness to accept who you are and to allow yourself to know yourself at a deeper level.

You are you, you did not come here into this lifetime to become someone else or to pretend to be something you are not. The greatest gift you can give yourself and the world is to be authentically you. And perhaps you don't know who that is yet as this is a process of unfoldment and self discovery and there have been many distortions placed upon your perception from existing in a lower dimensional reality. Know this awakening process is not meant to be forced but instead allowed. The more you can relax, trust and surrender to life and have the awareness of the opportunities and gifts presented to you in your experience for the purpose of alchemy and remembrance of who you truly are, you can then have your own direct experience with your own spirit and you as one with all. When you have the pure intent to know your true self and you tune into your heart on a daily basis and trust your intuition , you are well on your way to being the embodiment of your souls essence through the remembrance, activation and embodiment of who you truly are as you integrate your humanity with your divinity.

Much Love,