You are a creator being

In this physical reality to us it looks like things outside of us are separate, that circumstances that happen to us or we find ourselves in have nothing to do with us & that the world is against you..

But really it is all YOU! It's time to stop blaming others & have some self empowerment & responsibility for honoring your pre birth intentions & your state of being that you embody in this lifetime.

You are a creator being & have been manifesting all that you have experienced in your life whether it be consciously or unconsciously.

So the key thing here is about becoming more of a conscious creator so you can allow more of what you would like into your life to occur instead of being in the default setting of the subconscious mind.

The most important thing here is to let go of what you are holding onto so tightly which you know is keeping you stuck & resistant to allowing & receiving all that which you do prefer.

It's your natural state to be Love, to be abundant to be joyful so the question is what beliefs, thoughts, emotions, ways of being are you going to give yourself permission to let go of so you can experience all that which you desire to experience?