You Are A Catalyst Of Love

Your true nature is that of Love, and that goes for all living things too. Because of free will & the things we can experience & face in a lower-dimensional reality, we may not always see the fruition of this love or act in accordance with it, but regardless we can know it's true essence. Love is what will transform all things into a higher state, it's natural state of love. It is the highest form of alchemy. We do not reject or destroy anything but instead reflect back to it it's divinity & the love that it is & is seeking, which is a catalyst for change & transformation.

It's through our remembrance & embodiment of this love that we are that we see truth within the illusion of duality. We see the multidimensional game at play, where the varying vibrations can play out through the world of form that may portray darkness, but we know that it has just forgotten it's light & love is so much more powerful. In the lower dimensions duality exists, therefore, there is always more love to give ourselves however there will come a point where it will be a less conscious action & more just what we experience naturally as we embody more of our true self. Another way to put it is that, we have our true source self that is always aware of the eternal loving presence that we are & we also experience the consciousness that has forgotten who it is. This conditioned consciousness goes through a lower-dimensional, dualistic life so it can experience physical form & learn but most importantly to love. It has many opportunities to give itself/others more love & gain a unique perception of itself. It awakens to the remembrance of the love that it is and it's oneness with all that is.

Deep down I think we all want to honor our soul's intention for coming into existence, but can get carried away in the hallucination of forgetfulness & want to force life to bend to the will of our conditioned consciousness rather than from our loving source awareness. But that's okay, at a source level there is no judgment, just gained experience we can soak up, but as a human, we will feel that calling within to follow the heart so listening to it can really be a great experience on earth at a soul level.

Much Love,


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